Why You Should Avoid DIY Bed Bug Control

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Bed bugs have had a major population boom in the UK over the past couple of years, say local London expert Empire Ltd. More and more of us are travelling, meaning we’re bringing more bed bugs from our destinations than ever before. With bed bugs being such a stressful pest control problem, many people turn to home remedies as a quick fix for this bloodsucking pest issue.

One of the most common home remedies people have been using is rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs. This is a highly flammable and toxic chemical which is dangerous in high dosages. Spraying a group of bed bugs with this sort of chemical will only leave around half of them dead, and also is a danger to you and your family.

Another DIY bed bug extermination method that’s going round at the moment is the use of mothballs. While these have been shown to be slightly effective on male bed bugs, they’re not going to get rid of the problem at all.

Bed bug repelling devices are another popular DIY bed bug control treatment. These devices have been debunked a lot over the past few years. Ultrasonic devices were proven to not have any affect against bed bugs. They merely move to a different area of your home, so really it makes the problem worse.

All professional pest controllers agree that DIY bed bug control doesn’t typically work for bed bug infestations. Home and business owners need to keep a keen eye out for bed bugs, and make sure to call in a pest control exterminator to eliminate the infestation.

The most effective and efficient way of getting rid of bed bugs, and the method that we use, is heat treatment. Now don’t reach for the hairdryer or the radiators to get the job done. Very high temperatures have to be used to destroy bed bugs. But the good news is you normally only need one treatment and the problem should be sorted.

If you are having a problem with bed bugs in your home or business, visit the Empire Ltd website at empirepestcontrol.co.uk or give them a call today. They have a friendly, helpful London team who will be more than happy to give you some top notch advice. Their website is also packed with info.

How to Design the Perfect Home Bar

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Having a home bar will give your space a sophisticated touch and provide you with a perfect spot for socializing. Most people decide to build a standing bar within their kitchen or to create an attractive drink-corner somewhere tastefully, where people already have a habit of gathering, such as the living room. If you live in a place that’s known for nice weather all year round, you might even consider the option of an outdoor bar. Although owning a home bar is just a subject of daydreaming for many, designing it doesn’t have to cripple your budget. You just need to invest in the basic equipment and of course – quality liquor. Here’s where to start.

Decide on the Type of Bar You Want

Do you want a freestanding bar or a built-in island? Do you aim for the vintage style, the traditional one, or you wish to give your interior a bit of a modern twist? Freestanding bars come in many different designs and they make a nice solution for those who want to bring in more flexibility to their space, but not by completely separating different sections of the room. They are typically made of composite wood or wood, although some more contemporary designs include glass and metals as well. On the other hand, bar islands are all about open spaces and utilizing the center part of your room. With just a few barstools, this bar island will become a perfectly casual centerpiece of any home party.

Mind the Storage and Appliances

Before definitely deciding on the exact bar you want, think about the amount of storage space you need, as well as the appliances you plan on using. Built-in cabinets are the most frequent choice here because of their practicality and an opportunity to display the drinks you have. They can be a bit pricey, which is why you might consider repurposing your bookshelves instead. As for the appliances, you need to decide whether or not you want to have a water hookup. This depends on your desired bar size, as well as its position within the house. See if you need a small refrigerator, a wine cooler, or a juicer – as all of these devices need electricity. This puts the position and the type of your bar in question. Apart from the aesthetics, you need a dry storage that’s protected from the direct sunlight.

Take Care of the Details

If you want to save up a bit of your money and avoid cluttering your bar, you can opt for glassware that is multifunctional. For example, invest in a 12-piece wineglass pack and pick those suitable both for drinking red and white wine. As for the barware, you’ll be needing a cocktail shaker, muddler, jigger, an ice bucket, and optionally – straws and decorations. It’s also good to think ahead, so try finding a quality bar runner as these absorb the spills and ensure the bar surface stays protected. You can also use coasters or cocktail napkins to make your bar area more elegant and give it a personal touch. Subtle lighting is advisable to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Depending on the overall style of your interior, you can even opt for a neon signs, similar to the one in the Tom Cruise movie “Cocktail”.

Choosing Liquor

To make an impressive bar that has almost everything, you don’t have to own dozens of different brands of vodkas or expensive whiskies. Stock the essentials. If you want to make cocktails, the most popular ones contain gin, vodka, rum, and bourbon. Whiskey sours are also a usual part of the cocktail drinking menu, as well as tequilla. Pay special attention to vermouth and bitters, as they will help all the flavors blend together. Try having other mixers on your hands at all times. These include soda, juice, coke, and some type of tonic water. Salt, pepper, lemon, oranges, and grapefruits should also be around. You can also search the web to find some drinking recipes and keep them near until you get in the hang of it.

Are you ready to design the home bar of your dreams? Keep these tips in mind and enjoy creating a great personal space for all of your sip-lovers!

75% of Homeowners Want Granite for Their Next Kitchen Remodeling

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A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Marble Institute of America went out in search of answers about the public opinion of granite countertops. The results are staggering; American homeowners consistently approve of granite countertops in both their aesthetics and their utility.

Over 1,500 homeowners were surveyed online with a focus on those who are intending to remodel their kitchens in the next few years. Of those surveyed, three fourths stated that they want granite countertops, and a slightly higher percent agreed with given positive statements about granite countertops. Consumers widely agreed that “nothing beats the beauty and value of granite countertops.”

Marble Institute member G.K. Naquin stated, “The survey shows what our customers tell us: no matter what the economy looks like, homeowners recognize that granite countertops enhance the value of their homes.” Naquin himself works for Stone Interiors in Loxley, Alabama—a company that sells granite in many forms, including countertops. “Consumers who are remodeling their kitchens see granite countertops as a safe investment in their homes. They prefer this natural stone to other materials because they understand it pays for itself in terms of higher resale value.”

Part of the survey involved rating countertop materials against each other. The metric by which they were measured was by home value increase; granite was voted better than its competitors by three-to-one. The runner-ups were solid surface materials (e.g. Corian®) at second, and manufactured stone products like Silestone and Caesarstone at third.

Homeowners were asked whether or not they agreed with statements about the quality of the material, and the overwhelming majority spoke positively about multiple aspects of granite countertops.

• 93% stated that granite countertops are an attractive addition to any home
• 91% agreed that granite countertops are strong and long-lasting
• 89% agreed that granite countertops pose no safety risks

Furthermore, 93% of the homeowners that are remodeling their kitchen in the next couple of years said that granite countertops are safe; their opinions are corroborated by recent scientific studies investigating the safety of granite countertops.

The latest of these studies was done by the independent laboratory Environmental Health & Engineering Inc. (EH&E). EH&E sought to investigate whether or not these countertops were a significant source of radon in households, as this was the chief concern about the danger of granite in households. They found conclusive results stating that 99.95% of all countertops produce less radon than can be found outside in the United States. In normal usage, granite countertops can transmit no level of radon concentration that would require remediation by the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (4 picocuries/liter).

“The most typical granite countertop installations would produce radon concentrations in the home that are 10,000 times lower than the EPA action level, and are so low they are not even measurable,” concluded the head of EH&E Dr. Joseph Allen. For granite countertops to produce the level of radon considered dangerous by the EPA, 13% of the home would have to be covered in the substance. 

The statistical model created in the study by EH&E leaves the chances at one in one million. 

The CEO of the Marble Institute of America, Gary Distelhorst, was outspoken about the safety concerns of consumers. “Natural stone like granite has been used in homes for thousands of years and now that new technology has reduced the cost of producing and shipping it around the world, more homeowners are embracing the beauty, durability and safety of granite countertops.”

Distelhorst had commissioned the survey, confirming the MIA’s beliefs on customer opinion. “Independent consumer surveys have consistently shown that Americans love the natural look of granite and value it above other countertop products.” Compared to other similar styles of countertop, granite has a persistent classical feeling in many different kinds of kitchens. As home designers approach 2020, consumers voting (both in surveys and with their wallets) agree that granite manages to shine even in modern kitchens.

The survey itself was demographically and geographically focused as well, taking care to measure the backgrounds of consumers. Those who have graduated from college and those in higher income brackets spoke highly of granite countertops, voting that they preferred granite over other materials. Households that had greater than four members heavily preferred granite. 87% of those measured from these demographics agreed that they desire granite for their next kitchen remodeling venture.

This survey is the second major project to show the opinions of consumers on granite. In 2008, a study conducted via Harris Interactive’s QuickQuerySM service showed that 55% of prospective buyers wanted granite countertops in what they described as their “dream kitchens.” That study measured adults 18 and older.

Buying The Right Framing Nailers

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If you’re looking for an equipment that is quick, framing and for a construction project, then framing nailers are the right tool for you. Framing nailers are designed to fasten mounted in long strips in a paper or plastic carrier. Some Framing nailers are used for pallet making and roofing. It might be handy but, I advise you to be careful in using one since it is hazardous especially with improper use. For the safety of the users, framing nailers or nail guns have a muzzle that contacts the target. Before choosing a framing nailer let’s identify them first.

Nailers can be divided into five categories. The first one is the Pneumatic nail gun. It is the most popular type. The power of this nail gun comes from a compressed air supply.

The second type of nail gun is the powder-actuated nail gun. From its name, powder-actuated nail gun uses gas pressure to make it work. It can be subdivided into two: the direct drive and indirect drive. The direct drive uses gas pressure directly to the nail, while Indirect dive uses the gas pressure that acts on a heavy piston which drives nails. Each type can be used with the right cartridge loads, can be powerful drives nails and fasten nails into concretes and hard objects.

Next is, the combustion power gun. Like powder-actuated, combustion is also powered by a gas plus a small air explosion. Next is the electric nail gun, this nail gun has rotation electric motor that gradually compresses a nail and releases it.

Lastly, is the Solenoid-powdered nail gun. In this kind of nail gun, which has a long rod which drives usually drives the nail to the surface.

Now that you checked the different kinds of nail guns, let’s check some of the best framing nailers.

First is the Paslode lithium Ion Cordless framing nailer. This kind of framing nailer does not need any compressor plus its light portable and easy to use.

Next is the Freeman PFR2190. This kind of framing nailer is ideal for framing, wall sheathing, sliding installation, subfloors and much more. The triggers can also be interchangeable for single or contact firing.

So, there you have it. There are a lot of framing nailers to choose from. I hope that this post will help you choose the right nailer for you. So, good luck!

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Kitchen Cabinets

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In a kitchen renovation, one of the causes for the delay is installing your kitchen cabinets. DIY kitchen cabinets in San Diego are easy to assemble and install, but that does not mean it’s uncomplicated. Sometimes you see something’s wrong when all of them have been put in place. There are common errors that people make in the process. Read on so you can avoid the same when you install yours.

  1. Incorrect measurement. Installing San Diego kitchen cabinets is an exact science. You have a space for your cabinets, sinks, and appliances. If your measurements are off, then you will be in trouble. You need to know the precise measurements of your cabinet sections. You don’t want your kitchen to look awkward. Or worse, you will spend more in buying new cabinets. Take into consideration the measurements of your sink and other kitchen appliances to ensure your cabinets will fit in the space provided.
  2. Informal design layouts. You should get a professional design layout. You can get this for free when you purchase your kitchen cabinets in San Diego, such as in City Cabinet Center. They have experts who can help you choose the style, along with the sizing for upper and lower cabinets.
  3. Not checking out the cabinets when they arrive. Inspect the goods when they get delivered. Mistakes are unavoidable. Check the boxes to make sure they are the correct size, including the knobs, screws, etc. You might go ahead and install all of them only to find out that something is missing, or it was not of the size that you ordered.
  4. Lighting and plumbing goes before cabinet installation. Under-cabinet lighting is a lot easier and less expensive when your electrician does his work before your cabinets are installed. Same with plumbing. Dishwashers, trash compactors, refrigerators, sinks, faucets, etc. will need to be taken into account before cabinet installation. Think about whether you will need additional plumbing done – like water filters, garbage disposals – which you might have a hard time adding once your cabinets are in.
  5. Correct cabinet door direction. Ensure your cabinet doors do not interfere with anything else. Often your stove doors do not clear the cabinet after the handles are put in because a spacer was not used. Spacers provide clearance for handles. City Cabinet Center can provide you spacers with the same color and finish as your cabinets.
  6. Installing them yourself. Doing it on your own is really not a good idea. Another person can help you hasten the process, and can also verify if your measurement is accurate. He can also ensure your safety by being on a lookout for possible accidents. You will also need someone to hold the cabinet while you screw it in, or hold the ladder while you’re installing a top shelf. If an unfortunate accident happens, then someone can immediately call for help.

You need to be an experienced do-it-yourselfer if you want to install kitchen cabinets on your own. But why go through all the hassle and stress when you can hire an expert in San Diego kitchen cabinets like CITY CABINET CENTER can provide? Cabinet installation is a precision game. Nothing looks worse than an awkward kitchen because of lopsided cabinets.