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Understanding The Importance Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

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If you want your air conditioning system to perform at its maximum potential, and I’m sure you do, you need to take care of the maintenance properly. No matter where you live, you will have to maintain your air conditioning system to avoid any malfunctions and to save money on your utility bills. If you don’t take care of your air conditioner, it will be less effective, meaning that it will draw more electricity without delivering the results.

Besides lowering your monthly bills and reducing changes of any kind of malfunction, you will improve the overall health conditions in your home. If you clean your vents and filters regularly, you will avoid buildup of dirt, fungus and mold. These can seriously affect your health, primarily your lungs. So it is important that you have regular checkups or at least call the technician as soon as you notice any changes in the functioning of the system or if any weird smells appear.

air conditioning maintenance

The technician will check for Freon levels as well so that your system operates at its maximum capacity. You can also ask him for some money saving tips and I am sure he’ll help you. Some of the things you will probably hear are to use your curtains to reduce the temperature in your room. Once you block the sunlight and prevent it from entering your room, the temperature in your room will be significantly lower. For all of you who live in hot and sunny regions, like California, this is a must. I believe every technician from air conditioning services Los Angeles will tell you this.

All your windows and doors need to be sealed as cool air will go out through any cracks that are present. The statistics say that up to 30% of cool air will run out of your home through the cracks in windows and doors. What you also need to keep in mind is that your air conditioning unit will have to be replaced once. Older units require a lot of maintenance and are not as efficient as the new ones. This is why air conditioner maintenance is important, it will tell you a lot about the status of your unit, how well it works, if any repairs are needed and for how long can you rely on it.

No more Pathos with Patios: Outdoors Arrangement Tips

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A nice and well arranged patio can make quite a difference in the life of your family, the quality of your leisure time, and even your health. Naturally, in order to be able to enjoy all of these perks, you need to create a pleasant, isolated and well organized area that will be as versatile as you need it to be. In case you have your own piece of backyard that you’d like to convert into a little sanctuary, we outlined some of the most important considerations that have to be made when arranging a patio.


More often than not, patios come with limited space, and certain features that you simply don’t have any control over. This includes microclimate, the view, noise levels in the area, or anything along those lines. The effectiveness of minimizing the negative influences will depend on the creativity and resourcefulness of the decorator, you should just be aware that most issues can be dealt with.

For instance, if you are living in an area with heavy traffic, you might want to find room for a smaller patio fountain that will drown out the traffic noise (to some extent), or install some wind chimes to help with their soothing sound. Likewise, you might want to enrich your patio with plants that can help clear out some of the pollutants in the air (not really that effective outdoors, but might provide for a somewhat healthier environment) or at least some that will cover up the unpleasant odors coming from the street. If the area is windy, you might want to consider installing café blinds to provide you with easily removable shelter without obstructing your view; if it’s too sunny, you can create some shade with a parasol or a canopy, and so on.

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The intended function of your patio will also play a huge role in the way you go about decorating it. The choice of the furniture and decorations will be heavily influenced by whether you want to use the patio as a dining area, relaxation space, or as a place where you can entertain your guests. Some of the potential purposes overlap with other, while others will force you to make a choice and commit to a specific patio function.

The Flow

Once you’ve considered the peculiarities of the layout and established the desired function for the patio, you can start formulating the flow of the space, identify points of interest, and place appropriate fixtures there. It is mostly about making sure that none of the areas that might be of interest are inaccessible, and that people can circulate with ease and comfort. If you have a grill, you’ll want easy access to it from the table, but it should still be far enough not to cause discomfort to the people sitting there.
You’ll need to perform a careful and creative balancing act if you want a well organized, pleasant patio, but the challenge of making a smallish space be comfortable and functional can be quite fun if you approach it with the right attitude, so don’t be afraid to experiment, and enjoy the decorating.

Simple AC Maintenance Tips Throughout The Summer

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Throughout the summer season, the very last point you desire is the malfunction of your air conditioning unit. Usually there are some things you should take a look at during summer time to ensure your current air conditioner will not malfunction out of the blue. Imagine that you are taking pleasure in the fresh air where the outside is extremely hot. In the fact, the very last thing you prefer would be to step out and sweating. Suddenly your current air conditioners halts and you simply don’t understand what to do and who you need to call. Can you repair it by yourself? You simply won’t need to deal with that, if you happen to do routine maintenance to your Air conditioner through the entire summer.

Check the air filters of your AC at least once a month. The outside dust can make your ac filter dirty. The filter can get dirty quicker during the summer, since people usually turn on their air conditioner all day long. When it get dirty, you can clean it, or simply replace with a new one. Air filters are not expensive, you can buy them in a pack to prepare for a few months.


The second thing you need to maintain is the outdoor unit. Twigs or even leafs may have fallen between the base and the fan. Sometimes when you switch on your air conditioner within the wrong time a branch could possibly have fallen inside breaking up the particular fan the next time it’s switched on. Because the fan rotates very fast, people assume the blade will certainly slice through a twig or even branch straight away. However, it’s not always the case, sometimes the branch causing it to break. It will cost more to repair broken fan blade than made a preemptive action to make sure things like this not happening. A great place to start would be placing a good piece of multiplex on the top of the fan when your air conditioner isn’t switched on. This will help to prevent twigs, branches, or leafs to get inside and causing problem. You just need to place the multiplex wood again after you’re done running the ac. Don’t forget to take off the multiplex before you run the air conditioner, otherwise you barely don’t get any fresh air. You need to make sure that nothing has fallen inside the fan before you turn the air conditioner on. And when you finished, you clean the outdoor fan, put back the multiplex on the top of the fan.

By doing these simple tips, your ac will keep running great throughout the summer. Just make sure you maintain it carefully and your summer time will pass without sweat. If you want to add an extra cooling unit to your house during summer, you can try using portable air conditioner. Since it is moveable, you can put it to wherever room you need an extra cooling without hassle. Check this site and make sure you choose dual hose system.

Being Proactive – Roof Maintenance Tips to Save You Money

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Ever hear the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, when it comes to caring for your roof, nothing could be more accurate. By being proactive about maintenance, you can add years of life to your roof and reduce the costs of repairs and, of course, increase the amount of time before a pricey replacement is required. It’s a small investment over time that will save you big bucks in the long run. That said, here are some helpful tips from a Nashville roofing professional for how you can keep your roof in the best shape possible.

Clean your gutters regularly. It may seem miniscule, but when leaves and debris clog gutters, it can end up causing damage to your roof. As a rule of thumb, gutters should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year – more often if necessary, such as following a big storm. You can either do this yourself, or hire a roofing professional to handle it for you.

clean gutters

Inspect the condition of your roof on a regular basis, paying extra attention to areas where vents, pipes, flues and other external components attach. These are often the first areas to begin to show wear on a roof, and if they aren’t addressed in a timely manner, the damage can spread and become much more expensive to manage.

Watch for areas of your roof that seem to collect puddles. When water is allowed to sit in these areas, it can compromise the integrity of the roof, causing leaks and eventually leading to a full roof replacement. If you notice areas like this on your roof, ask your Nashville roofer to advise you on the best way to address the problem.

roof puddles

Address leaks and other damage immediately. The longer you wait, the bigger the expense is going to be over time. If you notice a leak, it’s imperative that you have it addressed right away. If you catch it early enough, a simple repair may be enough to take care of the problem. If you wait, you’ll likely end up facing a full replacement sooner rather than later.

Monitor the traffic on your roof. Contractors, electricians, HVAC professionals and even the cable guy may need to get up on your roof to complete work they’re doing on your home. Make sure you check after they’ve gone to verify that no damage was done, and that no debris was left behind that could eventually cause damage if not removed.

Maintaining your roof can extend its life by years, saving you time, money and aggravation. Of course, if you’ve noticed any of these 7 signs, it may already be too late. Your best bet is to have a professional roofer take a look and advise you on what the next step should be.

Wood Treatment Oils Provide Natural Protection

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Home decor fashions are continuously changing. Once upon a time you would have rarely found exposed wood grain in the home. Only in Scandinavian countries was there a fashion for varnished pine. Elsewhere wood was being painted, generally with high gloss paint. This desired finish was much like shiny plastic.

But fashions and trends have changed and this has been supported by the development of a plethora of various wood treatments that can protect wood, enhance its appearance and make it as hard wearing and durable as it would be if painted with several coats of hard gloss paint.

Paint has traditionally been the substance we like to use to finish our woodwork and apply an attractive colour. But paint is not really suitable for all applications. Wood flooring, for example, tends to look much better when the grain is exposed. This can be achieved by using wood stains, waxes and wood oils. The difference is that these products tend to penetrate the wood whereas paint sits on the surface. Since the paint is only on the surface it will wear away in areas that are subject to lots of foot fall. Stripped and treated wooden floors have very much become a feature which interior designer’s desire.

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But what about exterior woodwork that is exposed to the elements? Wind, rain, sleet, snow and sun are all bad for wood. In its natural state wood will progressively decompose, thanks to various moulds and fungi that eat the wood cells. Woods that are durable tend to be more oily and often hard woods. Painting wooden doors, gates and window frames has long been the traditional way to protect the exterior woodwork around your home. But there are a multitude of alternative wood finishes that will provide the desired protection and look great.

Since oily hard woods tend to stand up to the impact of weather more readily than woods which are less oily it makes sense to emulate this natural protection and use a wood treatment oil. Linseed oil, for example, has long been used as an effective wood finish. Often mixed with varnish and thinned with turpentine, Linseed oil can provide a very effective weather proofing treatment to exterior woodwork.

But linseed oil finishes tend to be quite soft and therefore less durable than is ideal for many situations. Tung oil is an alternative that was introduced in the 19th century. But although this is a tougher finish it’s also much more difficult to apply.

Wood oils work by penetrating into the wood, rather than sitting on the surface like paint. This penetrating action helps to enhance the appearance of the wood without leaving a film on the surface. Oils tend to be quite easy to apply and require simple re-application to maintain weather proofing.

Luckily wood treatment oils have come a long way since the 19th century. Manufacturers like Osmo Polyx Oil have spent a lot of money on research and development leading to the production of some very advanced wood finishing treatments that are easy to apply, durable and look great.