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Disaster Recovery For Your Home

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Pro Reno Solutions has experience managing a variety of disaster scenarios. Floods, asbestos removal, mold removal and general disaster cleanup and restoration are just a few of the services we offer.

Floods & Remediation

Floods and water removal require fast responses to deal with the immediate damage, remove mold and potential sources of future mold or mildew and help restore damaged furniture, electronics and other valuables. Flooding and water damage is difficult to remedy but Pro Reno Solutions has years of experience tackling different water-based issues.

Our fast service times help get your life back on track quickly with the minimum possible disruptions to your life and business. We help get your home and life back together as quickly as possible following water and flood damage. Our 24-hour rapid response is essential to a thorough recovery from disaster. Any delays in addressing the issues only add to the potential problems caused by the water. Contact Pro Reno Solutions as soon as possible after a flood so we can help manage your water problems immediately.

disaster-recovery-contractorMold and Asbestos Removal

Asbestos and mold removal and remediation require trained and licensed professionals for safe and thorough treatment. Trust Pro Reno Solutions for any mold or asbestos management needs. We have the required experience and technology to find, remove and dispose of the dangers from your home or business with no risk to your family or employees.

Mishandling these materials can result in serious adverse health consequences, so contact Pro Reno Solutions for fast, professional mold and asbestos removal at the first sign of trouble. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve by ensuring your property is fully free from all asbestos and mold threats.


Pro Reno Solutions restoration services include comprehensive, reliable disaster restoration and hundreds of highly satisfied customers. Our “RRP Certification” includes Restoration, Repair and Painting. Combine this with years of experience in the field, and you have one company with the knowledge, technology and tools to handle any sort of damage or repairs you face.

Every job, big or small, gets done the right way the first time and with care and efficiency when you trust your property to Pro Reno Solutions. Contact us to restore your business or home and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve when disaster strikes.


The Piles Of Every Garden

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Have you ever wondered how could you boost up your backyard, make it more alluring, comfortable? One of the first things that we spot upon entering someone’s garden, are, of course, trees. Those inevitable parts of every yard require distinctive care and attention. It will make your house feel and look more like home, providing you with shades to rest upon during summer, and calming sound of rustling leaves in the autumn.

planting-a-treeTaking care of trees

If you are educated botanist, you can take care ofyour natural decoration, but in most of the cases, your knowledge about how to plant, keep and maintain trees is strictly limited. There are several factors that you should look upon. First thing, of course, is the spot for planting trees. Should it be in backyard, or in front of the house? How tall will it grow? Will it obstruct a window, which is source of light? Also, will it attract some or any vermin maybe? Are the fruits of that particular tree perhaps poisonous? And, of course, what will you do one day, if you decide to cut it down? Or, what if it falls by itself, because of a raging storm? If you answered all of these questions, you are ready for planting, and embellishment of your home. But, if you are insecure, or uncertain, there are a lot of internet forums and web pages that can provide with help or additional information. On the other hand, if you are lacking free time, or the amount of job required is significant, you can always ask for help. There are a lot of agencies which can provide help concerning your garden, specifically, trees.

Removing and improvement

In case that you want or, rather must remove a tree from your yard, it is an undertaking which you cannot do on your own. Dead wood, tree which has leaned too much, or any other case which needs professional help requires you to call tree removal agency. These highly trained experts will help you acquiring what you desire. Of course, first thing that you need to look upon is safety, not to endanger you, your family, or your estate. They can also improve the looks and functionality of our existing trees, or plant new ones, concerning your desire. Roots of a three can severely damage the foundations of your house, if planted wrong, or too close to the house. In the future, this can reduce the price of the house, if you decide to sell it. This is yet another reason for asking professional help. Clipping down the canopy, trimming for light, whatever you decide, you can achieve. Good thing about trees is, once it fully grows, requires little to no care. Raking the leaves in the autumn, watching for pests and diseases, is all that requires. But this can only be achieved through careful planning, organizing, and implementation of decided decisions.

So, everything considered, it is strongly recommended for you to plant a sapling behind your house, watch it grow, attend it, and one day, it will provide you with all the benefits it brings along.

DIY Headboard – Why not?

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Do you know that feeling when you go into a fancy furniture store, gushing at those beautiful king size beds with extravagant headboards and then just having to turn your back on it because splurging hundreds of dollars on something like that is just a bit too much for you? Well, as you might know it, most people have this exact same problem. But with media, celebrities and even youtubers presenting such luxurious lifestyles, who wouldn’t want to spruice up their home and bring it to the next level? Luckily, with dozens of internet articles and even video tutorials on DIY-ing popping up every day, it has never been easier to do any sort of remodeling at your home be it window refurbishment or painting your living room.

diy headboardNow about that headboard – why not try it yourself? Sure it takes some time and effort, but it saves up a lot of money and you can custom make it so as to fit the color scheme and furniture arangemen in your room. Simple and minimalist, modern and geometric or even different shapes to fit in into kids’ rooms – you can do it all. Now that you have decided to do it, there are just a few steps to go through in order to prepare.


You have to get a general idea of what you want to make and how you should make it. First examine the color scheme and the general style of your room and then draw a few scetches; that will help you have a clear vision of what you want and what you should look for. If you are lacking inspirationyou could try using platforms such as pinterest and weheartit where you can find dozens of ideas.

Get information

Now that you know what you want, the only question is how to do it. You need to know several things before starting a DIY project. You should get an idea of the materials you want to use, tools you might need and also check if you are going to need another set of hands to do some of the work or is everything a one man job. A good resource for finding any sort of information is of course the internet. Type in the type of material, shape and other keywords into your search engine and take advantage of the detailed step by step instructions that are offered. Write down all the materials and tools that are required for the job. That will help you remember the small essential things such as measuring tape that we always count on and then end up not having.

diy headboardsGetting the goods

For a good quality headboard you will probably need tools such as drills, hammers, mallets, etc. to make it happen. If you’re missing any of the things you need just take a short trip down to the hardwear store or order them online. Be sure to get everything that the tutorial suggest or find an adequate replacement.

The time has come to start working on your headboard, and once you finish, you’re going to be glad you didn’t opt for the store-bought one.

Where To Find A Trendy And Effective Ethanol Fireplace

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If you are looking to replace your existing fireplace with a more convenient solution or if you are looking for something that will bring style and class to your home, you should consider ethanol fireplaces. You won’t have to do any maintenance and you can install them anywhere since they don’t need a chimney. Basically, any area in your home can be enriched with one of these fabulous fireplaces.
bio ethanol fireplaceBio ethanol is used as a fuel so you won’t have to worry about smoke or ashes. Many people love this and choose ethanol fireplaces made by Ignis because they are such a convenient and eco friendly heating option. Certain models from Ignis Products are quite portable so you can move them at any location. This is very convenient for people who want to reduce heating costs or for those who have a cabin and need to heat it only occasionally or for a short duration of time. All you need to do is to sip some bio ethanol in the tank, start the fire and that’s it!
ethanol fireplaceTable, wall and floor are the usual places for these modern, attractive fireplaces. But you can use them outdoors too because their stylish and modern look fits anywhere. And since the fire ethanol fireplaces create is real, the atmosphere these units create is exactly what you need on a cold winter day. When you visit, you will see that there are many models you can choose from. I’m sure some of these will be perfect for your home, no matter what kind of decor you have. Ignis offers so many options that you will be able to use their ethanol fireplaces in any room, patio or backyard.

Moving – Do It Like a Pro

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Everybody hates moving. Honestly, people hate it. It might even be fun, but I’d say that there are only a few of those who would say that moving is exciting and fun thing to do. And regarding those people, I doubt that they did their own packing and moving. However, maybe those particular people have a point there. Moving really can be fun, if you know how to lower the stress, though. Here are a few useful tips which will help you keep the stress at the minimum while moving.

movingDate in the calendar is closer and closer!

Time flies when you’re having fun. It also flies when there is something you don’t want to do in the near future, like going to the dentist or moving. Remember that you can’t speed things up nor slow them down, and try to relax. There are things which cannot be planned in advance, no matter how hard you try. You will inevitably be forced to speed things up and change your plans in the last minute. If you want to make sure that everything is set, try planning about eight weeks in advance to avoid unnecessary stress.

Pack like a pro

When packing your belongings, make sure you do it carefully and pay special attention to things which mean a lot to you: clothes, documents, photos, electronics… Put what is fragile in the middle of a package; this will lock them in one place and stop them from touching the sides. Your special and fragile item should be well cushioned as well, and once the box is packed, secure it and seal it with strong tape. You should really pay attention to the kind of boxes you’ll be using for packing. For the extra fragile items we recommend you use heavy-duty double-layered board. Pack carefully, don’t leave the box half-empty since it may collapse, but you shouldn’t overload it too because it may burst during transport. Use good quality, durable and double-walled boxes. You can find more useful packing tips online. Remember this: if you have someone to help you, friends or family – wonderful! Less stress for you, more fun for everyone!

You don’t need junk in your new place

Getting rid of all the junk you have in your home before moving away is one of the most important things to do and it certainly cannot be done at once. Besides, throwing away all the unnecessary things can help you feel free. Go through every room in your home and throw away everything you don’t want. Allow yourself to throw away even more stuff once you start packing. You’ll want to kick yourself once you start unpacking and find things you don’t actually need in your new place.

You’re going to be living surrounded by mess for quite some time, so prepare to be upset when you forget where your slippers are. Don’t panic! Hey, remember, the worst part is over, now you just have to warm up your new nest.