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When Staircase Designs Are Inappropriate

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You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a number of situations in which a particular staircase design might be inappropriate. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the design visually or in terms of compliance and safety, the staircase simply may not complement the intended users or location. In this article, we have outlined some of the situations that may be considered inappropriate with an explanation of why this is the case.

  • Elderly/Mobility Challenged
    It is important to remember that staircases are inherently more dangerous than level walkways and ramps, so there are some situations in which they should never be used. The elderly, for example, have more stair-related accidents than anyone else. They are also more easily injured and the consequences of such injuries are more severe. Similar can be said for those with mobility challenges.
  • Intoxicated
    It almost goes without saying that alcohol may induce problems with agility, stamina, mobility and reaction time. People who are intoxicated may have an awkward gait or use the handrail as a crutch. The slow motion with which they walk also makes even greater demands on balance skills than usual and actually increases the likelihood that a person will completely lose their balance.

modern glass stairs designSo, how can staircase designs be made more appropriate or altered to ensure the safety of the elderly, mobility challenged and intoxicated? Firstly, where feasible, stairs should not be the sole means of access in such locations. Secondly, an alternative means of access (such as a ramp or elevator) should be provided.

  • Hidden
    Staircases are sometimes placed in a location where they may not be noticed. This can often lead to people falls, as people were not expecting the stairs and were not prepared. Some people have fallen after opening doors that swing directly over the top steps. Others haven’t even been looking for the stairs but have fallen when searching for the bathroom or another area of the building.
  • Visually Impaired
    Those with little to no vision, deteriorating vision or pathological vision deficits may also struggle to see the staircase. This problem is made worse at night or if the stairs are shrouded in darkness. Even those who walk with the aid of a cane have been known to fall down the steps, especially if a door opens directly over the top or there is no other physical indication that the floor drops.

So, how can staircase designs be made more appropriate or altered to ensure the safety of the visually impaired and everyday passersby? Firstly, stairs should be located out of direct pedestrian walkways. Secondly, doors should not open directly onto the flight. Thirdly, they should be easily seen or illuminated.

Whilst there are certainly more situations in which a particular staircase design might be inappropriate, we have outlined four of the most common in the article above. We hope that the recommendations offered help you to ensure that the presence of stairs in your home or workplace is always safe for every type of person who may encounter them. If you are still having problems with the design, make sure you speak with a professional.

Carpet Cleaners – They’re Not All The Same

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No matter what you want to spend money on, do your research first. I bet you wouldn’t buy a car just because you like its color. Of course you wouldn’t, a car is a big investment so you want to make the right choice. Well, the same goes for carpet cleaning companies. They’re simply not all the same and you want to choose a good one.

If you’re thinking the cheapest option is the best one, think again. Wouldn’t it be better to figure out the value you are going to get for your money? You need to make sure the carpet cleaners will use the right method, the best cleaning solutions and efficient equipment. Getting a team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals is much better than hiring someone who is not sure what to do. Or worse, someone who isn’t certified. Ask about all these before you decide who to hire.
carpet cleaningHere are some of the questions you want to ask:

1. What carpet cleaning methods are used?
2. What kind of equipment do you use?
3. What can you remove from my carpet with your equipment?
4. How often will my carpets be cleaned?
5. Do you have any training in cleaning carpets?
6. Are you certified and can I see your certificate?
7. Do you have a guarantee?

If you get good answers to these 7 questions from a specific company, hire them. You want to have a clean, dirt-free carpet that will look great. Furthermore, this will remove all the fungus, pollens, bacteria and other air pollutants from your home. With carpet cleaning Downriver MI, you carpets will be free from all chemicals and bacteria. You won’t experience any breathing problems and will improve your overall health if you regularly clean your carpets. Folks who have asthma, allergies or any other breathing problems claim that their symptoms go away after they clean their home, carpets included.

Advantages Of Timber Blinds

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The timber blinds are getting popular and seem to be making a good alternative to traditionally used blind materials. Here, we shall look into the advantages and limitations of using such materials.
timber blindsADVANTAGES

1. The online availability of many companies and designers specializing in this business assures you of a completely customized product and services suited to your personal requirements.

2. The convenience of buying blinds online is too well known to most.

3. As most of them use renewable, re-forested timber, you can be almost sure that the product is from a sustainable natural resource which provides employment opportunities while causing minimum negative effect on the environment.

4. Though usually made from a renewable variety of wood like the North-American basswood, the choice of staining allows you to replicate the blinds in any type of wood you may opt to have.blinds online

5. Their being made of wood offers the advantage of its inherit insulation properties, meaning that they help retaining both heat and cold, which amounts to reduced energy bills and reduced negative effects on environments.

6. Wooden blinds go a long way to compliment rooms with lots of wooden furniture like tables, chairs and cabinets.

7. Wooden blinds being naturally dark are effective in blocking or filtering harsh light from entering the rooms.

8. By incorporating colored ladder strings, head-rails or color tapes along with these blinds you can make them look even more original.

9. Wooden blinds certainly bring in a feeling of warmth and coziness to an otherwise stark and cold-feeling room, especially during cold and dark winter nights.

10. Those who consider using wood unhealthy for environments have the option of using faux-wood that continues to be as effective.

If you ask me, I think these blinds are best used on homes that get a lot of sunshine throughout the year. There’s no point in putting these on your windows if it’s cloudy most of the time simply because they won’t have a purpose. Also, having them in a room that is constantly bathed by sunshine looks way more attractive than having timber blinds in a dark, gloomy room. There’s a tropical feeling to them and this is why I think they are best used in regions that have a lot of sun.


Bathroom Corner Shelves – Get More Storage Space

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Installing corner shelves in bathroom creates more storage area while they impart a great look to the whole bathroom. Invariably, houses have one bathroom only and with the whole family sharing the same, it gets cluttered with a variety of personal toiletries. The problems of cluttered items are all the more acute in case of small bathrooms. A very practical way of managing all the personal and individual items is to have a few shelves and wall cabinets to keep things organized and present the bathroom with a neat and clean look. Apart from keeping the items organized for easy retrieval, an appropriate selection of these accessories can indeed add to the looks of the space.

The use of wall mounted bathroom shelves need not remain confined to just providing additional storage for managing the variety of items often needed in the bathroom. With a little effort and bit of imagination you can make this part of the house look more inviting with a relaxed atmosphere. With all the clutter taken care of, why not consider having some indoor plant in one of the shelves to get that feeling of freshness. Or you could imaginatively exploit the arrangement of all those colored bottles in all sizes and shapes that are unique to toiletries. Use them to store colored towels to make the place look colorful and welcoming. Inclusion of glass bathroom corner shelves catches the eye, thus offering an opportunity to display some of your prized possessions. Glass shelves always present a very neat look and seem to have an air of lightness around them.

bathroom corner shelfBathroom corner shelf will provide additional space, but will also be an ideal accessory to give that special look to your décor. Having floating wall shelves gives a more streamlined look, more so when the space is small. The looks of a floating shelf are particularly impressive, as you can’t see the hardware needed to support them, thus giving the impression of being suspended in air. There are no brackets that show on the wall, giving it a clean look. They present a very light and airy look, without the heavy looks of wood in the background.

When you are hard pressed for space, corner shelves make a great idea. Get that decorative and relaxed effect by keeping a small plant or a flower arrangement in a corner of the bathroom. You may even use it to display a piece of art. Another idea will be to have one corner shelf just above the Jacuzzi tub with a green plant gushing out of it. Inclusion of such items while adding to the ambience, makes it relaxing and enjoyable experience in the bathroom.

Making arrangements for shelves in the bathroom is a fantastic way of getting more out of your bathroom. They make the room look neat and organized by hiding from view all the clutter while allowing you to demonstrate your personal taste and touch of class.

Answers To The Usual Water Damage Questions

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Water damage can be caused by many different factors, some of them being completely uncontrollable like floods and hurricanes. Then there are those small problems that can wreak havoc on your home – leaking pipes, malfunctioning heater or washing machine, leaks in your siding or roofing, etc. It’s impossible to guess when any of these will occur so you should regularly watch for water damage.
water damageEvery area of your home should be regularly screened for issues but you will want to watch closely on things like plumbing in your kitchen and your bathroom. You should also check your bathroom for leaks and standing water. Even if your plumbing works perfectly, it can happen that the water gathers around your house and then slowly sips in to your basement.

How To Spot Water Damage?

Some of the signs are:

  • Splotches of mold
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Peeling paint
  • Condensation
  • Moisture
  • Musty smell

basement dryingIf you notice any of these, you should contact your insurance provider immediately. Any damage you have should be repaired and steps have to be taken in order to prevent water from entering your home again. You will want to call a professional restoration company for water damage Ecorse Michigan  and take care of your home. Make sure you choose a reliable, experienced company that will start working on your home immediately so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

The work that will have to be carried out depends on the extent of the water damage. The longer your home has been affected by water, the more damage there will be. In some cases, only some clean up work will be required, but if there was a huge amount of water in your home, you will have to decontaminate most of your belongings, repair or throw away your furniture and then focus on drying out your home completely. Of course, you won’t have to worry about all this, the restoration company has all the tools and equipment needed to deal with all the tasks that have to be carried out.