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Make Room For Your Hobbies

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Have you ever planned a perfect fishing trip only to discover the night before that you can’t find your favorite fishing rod? Or that someone or something has unspun all your nylon line? Not to mention the countless, hooks, baits, flies and other fishing paraphernalia that seemed so neatly stored just a week ago. If any of these situations brings bitter taste in your mouth, maybe you should put a little effort in organizing the space for your hobby. And it really takes only an hour.

It is your Hobby, not the Family Issue

Another problem with hobbies is that the rest of your family members or roommates may not be so understanding appreciative of bumping into random pieces of camping gear, surplus timber, sporting equipment. And if someone is looking for something and they finds something else, they usually shove it further back in the cupboard or drawer.

A Clean, Well-lighted Place

When it comes to fishing gear, for example, you should bear in mind that it is used on and near the water. When you return from a fishing trip there is mud, dirt, sand, weeds all over it. Before you store it away, you should wash it thoroughly and let it dry for some time. That is especially true for tents, tarps and raingear which can get moldy if not properly dried.



Moveable Storage

After taking care of smaller items, you should store them away in containers with lids, which not only protect from moisture, dust and insects, but also make them handy for transport and shelf storage. What are you trying to achieve is to store the fishing items at the end of the season in the same containers you’ll be taking them to the water again in spring. The best option are boxes with small compartments and a see-through lid that can be found in home improvement stores. In addition, you can use a permanent marker and strips of duct tape to label them.

Additional Storage Space

More oft than not, your in-house storage or garage will get filled with stuff other than your hobby equipment. Think of a car maintenance, spare tires, oils, gardening tools, fertilizer, planting pots, hoses and other items that are handled roughly and usually stacked in a corner or along the wall. If you need extra space that could be dominated by your hobby stuff, maybe the right answer would be one of those shipping containers that can now be bought or rented for storing your equipment. They are delivered in different sizes and offer a good protection from elements and unlawful entry.


If your storage space is limited, think of putting smaller containers with labels into larger ones, that can again be stacked one onto another. A good strategy is to group the similar items into a single container or canvas bag, for example one bag should hold containers with baits and flies, and the other hooks and line. Pieces of outdoor furniture like folding canvas chairs or tarps should be stored together, etc. In this way, not only will you get a place to group the hobby items on one place, but also a dedicated place where to return them after use.

Go Green – Household Alternatives To Cleaning Chemicals

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Cleaning the house is a big chore. However, with so many cleaning products available in the market, it has become easy to clean the house. These products ensure that even the toughest stains are removed. But these come at a price and I am not speaking about the costs involved, I am speaking about the health hazards of these cleaning products. Most if not all cleaning products contain some sort of hazardous chemicals. The product may be safe to use because it complies to all the rules and standards. But when you use 10 different cleaning products daily which have the same chemicals, then naturally you are using more than is thought to be safe. In fact, there are many chemicals that have not even been tested properly and we are using them. The labels on the products such as keep away from children, inflammable etc., help us understand the dangers they pose. These chemicals can be carcinogenic, cause allergies, cause neurological problems etc. So, the safest option is to not use cleaning chemicals and to go green.


There are many cleaning chemical alternatives in the kitchen itself and using them you can make your house look spic and span. Given below are a few household alternatives to cleaning products:

Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the best household cleaners. It is available always in most households and it can be used to remove stains, polish silverware, remove the build-up of lime scale in shower heads, clean your windows, mirrors, microwave ovens etc. Though it may take a little more effort to clean than using cleaning chemicals, the effects will be similar and you need not worry about vinegar harming your family’s health.

Lemon Juice: Lemon or lime juice is a wonderful cleaner. Before we had so many cleaning products, people in the house used to squeeze the juice of lemon and use it to clean surfaces, to clean mold and mildew and to clean greasy dishes etc. It is known to disinfect and the best part is it smells really good too.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is a great alternative to chemicals. It is easily available and it is useful in cleaning surfaces, it can be used as a water softener and it can also be used to deodorize.

Olive Oil: It can be used to clean and polish.

Corn starch: This can be used to polish windows, clean carpets etc.

The above mentioned household alternatives are great to clean the house. Do not be fooled by attractive advertisements. Though the product may be the greatest cleaner we cannot take chances with the lives of our elderly and kids as such products surely contain some form of chemical or the other. All we need is a clean environment without bacteria and we can get that by using naturally occurring household goods. Also you can make a few lifestyle changes like avoiding the use of footwear inside the house. This will limit the entry of bacteria and other germs. If you can think of other ways to limit germs then follow them too.

5 Useful Tips On How To Remodel Your Backyard On A Budget

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Your backyard can make or break your entire property – while it is true that your front yard and the landscaping are the ones that make the first impression, a cheap-looking and poorly maintained backyard can actually take its toll on the overall value of your home. If you have a tight budget but you want to boost the value, comfort and style of your backyard, then here you will find five easy and creative backyard remodeling ideas that you should take into account.

1. Consider Adding An Artificial Pond

You can never go wrong with an artificial pond! Regardless of whether you want to add live fish to it, or if you just want to add some beautifully colored aquatic plants, a mini water oasis is definitely a great choice. This remodeling idea is particularly useful for those who love to spend some time in their back yard, reading a book. In the end, there is nothing better than listening to the sound of water, while sunbathing or reading your favorite novel.

Remodel Your Backyard1

If you are a “hopeless romantic”, then the artificial pond is the best choice. Besides, you can customize and personalize it in countless different ways: you can add plastic decorations around it, you can paint it or even add a small artificial waterfall. If you are feeling creative, you can even add some driftwood, recycled bricks or stones to make the artificial pond even more appealing. Your friends will definitely love it, and your neighbors will envy it!

2. Add Some Powder-Coated Handrails To Your Backyard!

Handrails are cost-effective, fancy and very practical at the same time. The powder-coated ones are particularly durable, and they are also designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, not to mention that they are a great addition to your backyard pool, if you have one!

3. Create An Outdoor Kitchen

You do not need to be a professional chef to make a delicious outdoor lunch or dinner! If you like to spend time with your friends or family outdoors, especially during the warm summer evenings, then an outdoor kitchen will definitely come in handy. You could opt for a brick-based pizza oven, or you can get yourself a modern barbecue stall that you can use for years to come. If you aim for a fully covered kitchen that is protected against rain and UV sun rays, then you can always opt for one of the many Kookaburra containers. The possibilities are endless!

Remodel Your Backyard

4. How About A Fire Pit?

Fire pits once used to be an expensive option, but not anymore! The most sophisticated models still come with hefty price tags, but you can easily find one for $300 or even less, depending on your preferences. One thing is for sure, though: there is nothing more pleasant than having a fire pit to keep your hands and feet warm, during those chilly autumn days!

5. Invest In Your Patio!

Last, but not least, one of the best backyard remodeling ideas is getting yourself a nice and sophisticated patio. Have you neglected your patio lately, and you have decided to give it a makeover? If so, then you can easily take your old patio to the next level with a fresh layer of paint, some rugs and some big and comfortable cushions. Moreover, you can also add some cost-effective and eco-friendly LED lights to it!

Tractors – Should You Buy Spares Online?

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So many industries and sectors including agriculture, farming, construction and so on have seen some heavy mechanization. This involves the use of sophisticated vehicles such as tractors. Tractors today can be used for a large number of tasks such as the following:

  • Towing various kinds of implements

  • Planting

  • Tillage

  • Hauling a trailer filled with various things including equipment or harvested produce and

  • Growing crops in a row to name just a few tasks.

It is therefore important that a tractor be maintained in an operational condition. Considering the fact that the tractor will do heavy duty work on an everyday basis, you will also need to keep track of the various tractor parts that may need to be replaced or repaired. One of the easiest things to do is to look for such parts online.

Ford Tractor Parts

There are plenty of dealers or e-commerce stores that deal with Ford Tractors and their replacement parts. You simply have to navigate the website to find what you are looking for. Such Ford tractor replacement parts could include:

  • Shopping according to parts systems such as hydraulic, PTO, air intake and so on

  • Specific components in each system such as steering box assembly or brake drums

  • Decals and emblems as well.

Massey Ferguson Parts

Another leading manufacturer as far as tractors are concerned is Massey and you can also find parts for a Massey Ferguson tractor as well. Again, it is as simple as selecting the right kind of filters when it comes to online shops. Considering the fact that such online stores will also have detailed images, dimensions, prices and so on, you can easily find the exact component and place an order online itself.

Why shop online?

There may be plenty of stores where you can getall kinds of tractor replacement parts. But, shopping online offers some extremely unique advantages. Perhaps the most important one is the timeframe. You can compare as many products as you want. Even if you are looking for just a brake shoe, you can easily compare this component across various sellers. Of course, it is extremely important that you buy tractor components from reputable and well established dealers or sellers.

Shopping online also gives you the opportunity to get completely transparent pricing structure. Taxes, costs of shipping, packaging and any other component will be specified extremely clearly on the website itself. So, you can easily find out which one is the most cost-effective option before placing your order.

Looking at the images is another advantage that is offered by e-commerce stores. Detailed images and specifications gives you the opportunity to study your component from various angles and understand it before buying the kinds of tractor spares you need.

Therefore, it really does make a lot of sense to look for tractor parts and components online – regardless of whether you have a Ford or a Massey machine. Considering that you can get all parts – from the smallest to the biggest – online, you really do not have to invest a lot of time in going from shop to shop to pick up the parts that you need.

Woodworking For Beginners – Where To Start

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Buying furniture and various decorative woodwork is always exciting, but the price tags on the items you want to buy can be a real killjoy. Another problem is to find well built but simple pieces of furniture since there’s a lot of flashy designs at the moment. The trends put the focus on the bean bags instead of the stools.

So, what can you do if the items you want to buy are beyond your budget and those that are affordable simply aren’t cutting it? You can start making your own furniture! Yes, that’s right, you can go out, find some beginner woodworking projects for beginners and start practicing. In case you think this is too hard and that you have a lot to learn, read on. I’ll show you how you can overcome difficulties in just 8 steps.
First, start searching for woodworking plans that are IN right now. You need something that will help you create interesting items, with step-by-step instructions. I recommend you go with Jim Morgan Woodworking, it’s THE book for any woodworking beginner.

Second, you will find many ideas on the Internet and most of them are free to download. Look for the simple ideas and plans first. Jim Morgan Woodworking has them as well, so if you have this, you’re good.

Third, the plan will give you all the details you need, like how much wood you need, what tools to use and what materials will be needed.

Fourth, choose the simplest plans at first. You want to go over the plans for beginners first and get some experience.

Fifth, the book you bought has to be thoroughly read. You will find a lot of great tips and tricks there so make sure you consider it as a serious teacher.

Sixth, go over the plan you selected and see if all the measurements fit. If you are unsure about this, consult with a friend or a carpenter.

Seventh, in case you are not sure which wood to buy, go with Softwood. It;s your safest option because it is very easy to work with.

Eighth, you want to buy good quality measuring device only. The same goes with the tape and the other tools you will need. Measurements are everything in woodworking so make sure you have the tools that will make this process easier.