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Make Room For Your Hobbies

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Have you ever planned a perfect fishing trip only to discover the night before that you can’t find your favorite fishing rod? Or that someone or something has unspun all your nylon line? Not to mention the countless, hooks, baits, flies and other fishing paraphernalia that seemed so neatly stored just a week ago. If any of these situations brings bitter taste in your mouth, maybe you should put a little effort in organizing the space for your hobby. And it really takes only an hour.

It is your Hobby, not the Family Issue

Another problem with hobbies is that the rest of your family members or roommates may not be so understanding appreciative of bumping into random pieces of camping gear, surplus timber, sporting equipment. And if someone is looking for something and they finds something else, they usually shove it further back in the cupboard or drawer.

A Clean, Well-lighted Place

When it comes to fishing gear, for example, you should bear in mind that it is used on and near the water. When you return from a fishing trip there is mud, dirt, sand, weeds all over it. Before you store it away, you should wash it thoroughly and let it dry for some time. That is especially true for tents, tarps and raingear which can get moldy if not properly dried.



Moveable Storage

After taking care of smaller items, you should store them away in containers with lids, which not only protect from moisture, dust and insects, but also make them handy for transport and shelf storage. What are you trying to achieve is to store the fishing items at the end of the season in the same containers you’ll be taking them to the water again in spring. The best option are boxes with small compartments and a see-through lid that can be found in home improvement stores. In addition, you can use a permanent marker and strips of duct tape to label them.

Additional Storage Space

More oft than not, your in-house storage or garage will get filled with stuff other than your hobby equipment. Think of a car maintenance, spare tires, oils, gardening tools, fertilizer, planting pots, hoses and other items that are handled roughly and usually stacked in a corner or along the wall. If you need extra space that could be dominated by your hobby stuff, maybe the right answer would be one of those shipping containers that can now be bought or rented for storing your equipment. They are delivered in different sizes and offer a good protection from elements and unlawful entry.


If your storage space is limited, think of putting smaller containers with labels into larger ones, that can again be stacked one onto another. A good strategy is to group the similar items into a single container or canvas bag, for example one bag should hold containers with baits and flies, and the other hooks and line. Pieces of outdoor furniture like folding canvas chairs or tarps should be stored together, etc. In this way, not only will you get a place to group the hobby items on one place, but also a dedicated place where to return them after use.