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The Cheese Myth: What’s The Real Best Bait For Mice?

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Mice are supposedly one of the most widespread pests on the planet. Most people you talk to have, at some point, wondered how to get rid of mice in their house, and will likely share their frustration at finding it difficult to control them. In a lot of cases, it comes to light that they have tried in vain to trap mice with bait, but have failed. This fact gets us to thinking as to what might be the best ways to trap mice.

The cheese myth

You often see in popular culture, the stereotypical image of a mouse being tempted by cheese. Mice love cheese, we are told…they can’t resist it. This turnd out to be a bit of a fallacy, though, as mice aren’t generally that bothered by cheese, and if you want to entice them into a trap, there are other things they really love and won’t be able to resist. Several types of mice baits are recommended, but what might be the best item to use for mice trap baits.


So what do they like?

The primary work of a bait is to lure the mouse to disturb the trigger on an exposed kill trap, or to lure the mouse inside an enclosed trap. For best results with either approach, it is advised to use the same type of bait over and over again.

Two of the most irresistable treats for mice are peanut butter and dark chocolate. These baits are usually successful in luring mice in the UK. Another thing to try that is known to attract mice, is dry cat food, which will work as an excellent bait in many cases. Other examples of effective bait for mice include dried fruits and gumdrops.

Apart from all these, one of the best baits seems to be cotton wool balls. Mice love cotton. They can be placed in addition to any other baits that are to be used. For instance put some peanut butter in a cotton wool ball around the trigger to a trap, and it will get you the desired results. In other cases, some vanilla extract can be added to the cotton wool balls to lure a mouse easily.

Things to bear in mind

With any of these food baits, it is recommended to use them in small amounts for best results.

It is also common for DIY mouse control not to work, so calling in a reliable mice pest control professional at the first sign that your efforts are failing, or the infestation is getting worse, is always a good idea.

While peanut butter is ideal for live capture traps and mice bait boxes, with snap traps and other traps that rely on the bait to disturb a spring or trigger, it has been shown that peanut butter may fail to do the job. This is because the mouse may well gently lick it off and avoid springing the trap. So try a slice of bacon mashed with the peanut butter and place these on the trap together.