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Kitchen Remodelling: How To Go About It

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In a country where we like to keep up with trends (or set trends), remodelling has become far too common, more so kitchen remodelling. There are very few houses that can claim to have stood the test of time in their original form. However, as many people know, remodelling is far too complex and getting all the pieces right can be termed as hitting gold.

At every stage – the planning; budgeting; choosing the style to implement in the kitchen remodel job and the hiring, challenges are bound to come your way. There are very few people that can attest to remodelling kitchens as being a walk in a park. On the contrary, many will loathe the memories of their remodelling experience.

In many cases, this is because they had done little regarding plans. The best way to smoothen out the experience is to have a clear guideline, which is a plan. 3

Kitchen Remodel
Planning A Kitchen Remodel

A good plan is one that account for any and every aspect of the endeavour, including;

Overall Details

This part of the planning process should feature the various reason for remodelling. Whether you want to improve the styling of the kitchen, improve efficiency or just add space to it, a purpose for the endeavour should be given. Moreover, the amount the essentials of the kitchen should be given.


This is by far the most important part of the planning process. The more comprehensive you budget the project, the less likely you are to running into financing problems. In this regard, do market research on kitchen parts that you want to have in the new kitchen, including the countertop, appliances, kitchen entertainment equipment, tiles, cabinetry and any other element. While at it, draw up a plan A and a plan B. Finally, set a budget and stick to it.

However, you should have some financial leeway for unforeseen events such as asbestos removal.


While planning for styling, you should look for a timeless style that is not only eye-catching but can also stand the test of time. Styling aspects to consider include the lighting of the kitchen, the material to be used, the layout of the kitchen, the work zone style and the kitchen décor.

Hiring Contractors

This is another important aspect of planning, whether you are working on your kitchen, basement, garage or if you are after bathroom remodel. Planning on matter of hiring a contractor involve taking time to find the best remodelling contractors (the best way being referrals), getting quotes of prospective contractors, and finding more about their operation – finding out their BBB ratings, their insurance status, their professional credential among other things