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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality of your Home

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According to World Health Organization more than 4 million people die from illnesses caused by household air pollution, and approximately 3 billion people use open fires and simple stoves that burn biomass for cooking and heating their homes. Around 3 billion people use solid fuels, such as wood, coal, and crop wastes, for the same purposes, which results in high levels of household air pollution, especially in homes with poor ventilation. Therefore, it goes without saying that this issue is far too serious to be neglected. Fortunately, there are certain measures that can be taken in order to improve the quality of indoor air.

Increased Ventilation

You would think that opening a window will do the trick and let the fresh air in, however, this is far from the perfect solution. Outdoor air is full of pollutants caused by traffic, industries, dirt, and so on. Instead, you can try using trickle ventilation, that is, a screen with filters. This device lowers the levels of indoor air pollutants, and it simultaneously lets fresh air in. Other systems that increase air ventilation rate are fans, air-to-air heat exchangers, etc. Furthermore, ventilation controls indoor temperature, which reduces the level of contaminants. However, natural ventilation can also contribute to the quality of indoor air and lower the indoor temperature. It refers to the movement of air caused by opening windows and doors, or by shading windows. Make sure to open windows during low levels of outdoor pollutants, especially during spring and autumn.

balanced ventilation

Keep Your Home Clean

Another step that will reduce indoor air pollution is cleaning your home regularly. However, it is of utmost importance to opt for the right cleaning products, since some of them contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that pollute air. Buy those with low VOC, or no VOC at all, or cleaners that are fragrance-free. In addition, choose liquids instead of sprays. Furthermore, you can reduce allergens and pollutants by washing your bedsheets and pillows once a week in order to eradicate dust mites and other allergens. Keep your dirty shoes outside so as to avoid letting dirt and dust come in, and place doormats at the door. Smoking outside can also keep inside air fresh and clean, therefore, if you, or other members of your household, smoke, go outside for a cigarette. This will definitely improve indoor air quality.

Air Cleaners

Making sure that air in your home is always clean is extremely important, considering the aforementioned statistics. One way of achieving this is by opting for hepa air purifiers. There are different types of these purifiers, such as table-top models meant for one room, or systems designed for the entire house. Such air cleaners efficiently remove particles from air and keep it fresh. In order to ensure the effective use of air purifiers, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Air Cleaners

Humidity Control

Controlling humidity is also an important step in reducing indoor air pollution. Humidity level in your home should be less than 60 percent, therefore, you should consider obtaining a dehumidifier which must be cleaned on regular basis. There are some steps that you can take in order to control humidity that include repairing leaks, turning on exhaust fans while taking a shower and getting plants (however, they must be watered moderately). In case of water damage and house flood, act quickly to remove the water and dry the area to prevent mould from spreading.

Indoor air pollution is a serious problem and must be controlled so as to avoid any possible health issues. Obtaining air purifiers, cleaning your house regularly and increasing ventilation are simple but effective ways of keeping it under control.


4 Reasons Why Bedroom is the Most Important Room in Your House

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It is the place where your every day starts and ends. Your bedroom affects your life in so many ways and now, you will see why.

Your favorite hello and hardest goodbye

This sentence practically explains itself. The main thing in all bedrooms is, logically, bed, and we all love our beds don’t we? Now, finding the right bed parts is actually pretty complicated. First, you need to find a bed that fits the size of your room, and yourself of course. You don’t want it to occupy your entire room, but you also don’t want your feet to hang while you are sleeping. Will it be single, double, king-sized bed frame? When you buy a frame, you will need a good and comfortable mattress. Finding a right mattress can be difficult. It can take hours and hours of searching and miles of walking through the furniture shops, or you can buy mattress on sale also and save yourself a lot of time. The right pillow is also a major factor here also. The best choice is to buy those memory-foam filled pillows because they are designed to make you feel comfortable and to hold your neck in a right position during sleep which is also very important. As for the bed sheets, there are no rules. No matter how old you are, you can always use bed sheets with your favorite cartoon character on them.

cozy bedroom

Your own escape from reality

You can do and be anything you want. You can dress like a clown, you can sing naked, you can read in peace or make the biggest noise – nobody will know and it feels good. We humans simply need some space and what a perfect place for that this is.


This is the place that connects. It connects you with your inner self since you are observing your subconsciousness while you are dreaming, but it also connects you with your patrner (if you have one). Sleeping next to someone gives us that feeling of security and love, especially if you two fall asleep cuddling.

The room with the biggest impact on your life

You arranged everything there by your taste and you enjoy every single inch of it. You have probbably heard about feng-shui techniques, and that is a very useful thing to know nowdays. Important thing here is that you have to, without fail, avoid cluttering your bedroom because you just won’t feel comfortable being in it. The wall color also plays a major role here. If you can, avoid those strong and bright colors like red or terracotta, but use soft ones like purple or beige. Next important thing is artwork and photos on your walls. Yes, that Valentino Rossi caught on camera while driving his motocycle at a speed of 250 km/h looks pretty amazing on your wall, but something like that is not meant to hanged above someone’s bed and to be the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes in the morning. Instead of that, put some abstract , but yet calming pictures of trees, or animals or even sea. Nobody gets nervous while thinking about sea, right?