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Why Prefer a Custom Glass Shower Door?

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Are you considering custom shower stalls for your bathroom? You have many options when looking for custom shower doors. You may find that you need to specially order shower doors because you can’t find the right shower door for your bathroom. Here are a few reasons why you may want a custom glass shower door over the ones you find in the market.

Unique Situation

In some cases, custom shower stalls are recommended over regular shower stalls because you have a unique situation. You may want something that you just can’t find in the regular market and you want your bathroom to have a unique design. In this case, you need a professional that can design a custom shower door for your bathroom and install the right shower stall for your needs. A professional can come in and have a look at your bathroom and then provide you with several options. Most contractors will have special order shower doors that they can get for you so you have something that meets your current needs.

Different Measurements

Your bathroom may have some unique measurements that a regular glass shower stall won’t conform to. You may need to have some custom glass cut to fit your area so that everything fits. A contractor can cut the glass to meet individual needs so you have something that looks attractive and fits in the space you have. The custom glass work in many cases can look at lot neater and professional, than a regular setup would.

More Options

When looking for custom shower doors that are frameless, you have a lot more options to draw upon. A contractor can come up with many different designs and styles for you to choose from so you can pick something that works for you. If you need a unique shape, the contractor can design it for you or send away for special order shower doors to meet your needs. You can have doors that have those unique shapes that you want to compliment the look and feel of your bathroom. For example, you can have frameless steam enclosures, neo-angle enclosures, right-angle encloses and many more options available to you when you have custom work done. You can also pick different glass options such as frosted, colored, or ones with a pattern that might not be available at your local store.

More Control Over Everything

When you go for a custom shower door, you have more control over the entire process. You can pick all the options you need and work with the professional to find something that is unique. You won’t be stressed out because you’ll have a lot more options to choose from and would find just the right shower door.


In many cases, you’ll find that custom shower stalls are going to be a better option when you remodel your bathroom. You can hire a professional to ensure that everything fit the right way and that you find just the right shower stall for your needs and within your budget.

Bathroom Corner Shelves – Get More Storage Space

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Installing corner shelves in bathroom creates more storage area while they impart a great look to the whole bathroom. Invariably, houses have one bathroom only and with the whole family sharing the same, it gets cluttered with a variety of personal toiletries. The problems of cluttered items are all the more acute in case of small bathrooms. A very practical way of managing all the personal and individual items is to have a few shelves and wall cabinets to keep things organized and present the bathroom with a neat and clean look. Apart from keeping the items organized for easy retrieval, an appropriate selection of these accessories can indeed add to the looks of the space.

The use of wall mounted bathroom shelves need not remain confined to just providing additional storage for managing the variety of items often needed in the bathroom. With a little effort and bit of imagination you can make this part of the house look more inviting with a relaxed atmosphere. With all the clutter taken care of, why not consider having some indoor plant in one of the shelves to get that feeling of freshness. Or you could imaginatively exploit the arrangement of all those colored bottles in all sizes and shapes that are unique to toiletries. Use them to store colored towels to make the place look colorful and welcoming. Inclusion of glass bathroom corner shelves catches the eye, thus offering an opportunity to display some of your prized possessions. Glass shelves always present a very neat look and seem to have an air of lightness around them.

bathroom corner shelfBathroom corner shelf will provide additional space, but will also be an ideal accessory to give that special look to your décor. Having floating wall shelves gives a more streamlined look, more so when the space is small. The looks of a floating shelf are particularly impressive, as you can’t see the hardware needed to support them, thus giving the impression of being suspended in air. There are no brackets that show on the wall, giving it a clean look. They present a very light and airy look, without the heavy looks of wood in the background.

When you are hard pressed for space, corner shelves make a great idea. Get that decorative and relaxed effect by keeping a small plant or a flower arrangement in a corner of the bathroom. You may even use it to display a piece of art. Another idea will be to have one corner shelf just above the Jacuzzi tub with a green plant gushing out of it. Inclusion of such items while adding to the ambience, makes it relaxing and enjoyable experience in the bathroom.

Making arrangements for shelves in the bathroom is a fantastic way of getting more out of your bathroom. They make the room look neat and organized by hiding from view all the clutter while allowing you to demonstrate your personal taste and touch of class.

How to Transform Your Dated Bathroom into a Relaxing Retreat

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Home improvement programs feature dream homes with beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, and unique details that incite envy in many homeowners. But in truth, the reality is often a far cry from the television dream house. Most homes are a work in progress. If your bathroom is looking tired and dreary, there are a number of things you can do to make it more like the dream space you’re seeing on television. Here are four tips for transforming your dated bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

transform your bathroomRepaint
Whether you’ve got a bathroom adorned with wallpaper from the 1970s or the paint makes the space feel dingy, changing the color of your walls is a simple change that can have a big impact. If your bathroom is wallpapered, consider removing it in favor of a refreshing paint color. If it’s already painted, you’re ahead of the game! All you have to do to get started is purchase some primer and choose a new color. New paint is the first step towards creating your own relaxing bathroom retreat.

Swap out Your Fixtures
Sometimes a space can feel dated because the fixtures have gone out of style. Swapping out bathroom light fixtures, towel bars, and door handles can go a long way towards changing the look of your space. Upgrading fixtures is a fairly inexpensive change that can be done quickly. Take a trip to your local home improvement store and browse the bathroom aisles to find beautiful fixtures that will update your space. Your bathroom will have an updated look in a matter of hours.

Purchase a New Bathtub
There are few things more relaxing than soaking in a warm bath after a long day at work. If you have some extra room in your bathroom budget for a renovation project, you may want to think about purchasing a new tub. Today’s tubs are a far cry from the small, builder-grade bathtubs of previous years. Many have high end features that will leave you feeling like you’ve just stepped into a bathroom at an expensive resort. Consider upgrading to a jetted or soaker tub for to add a spa-like quality to your bathroom.

dated bathroomAdd Some Tile
Upgrading your bathroom tile is another great way to update your bathroom. If the decades-old floor tile or cracking laminate in your bathroom have been a source of frustration, it’s probably time for a change. If you’re handy, you may be able to complete the upgrade yourself by purchasing the right tools from a home improvement store. You may also want to consider researching professionals to help you with this project. Whatever approach you decide to take, remember that a simple flooring change is an effective way to modernize your space.

Every homeowner dreams of creating a beautiful finished space that suits their personality. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your bathroom, a few simple modifications can help you create a space that you love. Consider repainting, swapping out fixtures, upgrading your tub, and adding some tile. These changes will help transform your space from dated and dingy to relaxing retreat!

Rustic Bathroom Ideas With A Contemporary Twist

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Here you can get Ideas and specialist tips on Coarse rustic bathroom ideas to assist you install an elegant bathroom in your house. Whether you desire to increase the resale value of your belongings or merely desire to have a latest bathroom design, generate that luxurious new bathroom plan is no longer for the select enjoyment of rich.  They look just as fabulous in a bathroom now as they did originally in Victorian times. Or what about the monochrome look and geometric lines of an Art Deco bathroom with black and white checkerboard pattern floor tiles. Wooden flooring never go out of fashion. Depending how small the space is that you have available you should try to fit as many fixtures into your cloakroom bathroom as possible whilst still leaving it spacious enough to be appealing. Over filling your bathroom can be a bad thing and make the room feel claustrophobic. If you have the room you may desire to add a bath to your cloakroom bathroom as this offers more versatility than simply putting a shower cubicle in as you can fit a shower over the bath with the addition of a shower screen. Doing it this method you are gifted to include two features in your bathroom but only take up the space of one. Fitting a smaller basin into the bathroom is also a wise idea as this is not a feature that needs to be full size to be used. A cloakroom basin would normally measure around 520mm x 425mm which is smaller than a standard basin but still as useful. With the final addition to the cloakroom bathroom of a toilet you should have a fully functioning second bathroom in your home that can be every bit as useful and impressive to potential buyers as the main bathroom in the home.

rustic bathroom

So there is no doubt that rustic bathroom designs are a good alternative for any type of home but take a look in your nearest bathroom showroom and you are sure to be wowed by the latest contemporary designs. It is not least all the electronic gadgets such as remote control showers and those tiny LED lights in the shower head to reflect your mood can also be installed in rustic bathroom. Those wonderful waterfall taps and shower heads, a frameless walk-in shower or a stone basin on a wooden plinth; all of these are desirable items that need a contemporary styled bathroom to really show them off to their best. Many of us now us the internet as part of our everyday life, whether it be keeping up with old friends and family or whether it is buying the weekly grocery shopping, the internet touches nearly every part of our lives. Some people even buy their new car online so why shouldn’t you look to buy your new bathroom online? At this time are some tips that may help you decide to buy your new bathroom online. Buying online is an exceedingly suitable way to shop; it is so much easier than having to venture out to a busy shop in the hope that the shop that you visit has products there that you actually want to see. The technical information that you can find about the bathroom that you are looking for is much greater and easier to find when shopping online. When you chose exactly what you want to buy for your new bathroom online you could find that you get the items that you will need delivered free of charge as well as much faster than if you would have bought the goods in a traditional bathroom retailer.