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How to Decorate

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Consider the color of the furniture and accessories you’re adding to the room when choosing a paint color.

If you’re looking for a space that exudes tranquility and promotes focus, buy home accents, paint, and equipment that represents your new purpose for the space.

Either warm or light neutral tones are better for yoga rooms. Choose a single color like a beige, grey, or brown, or consider trying a lighter color for the front and back walls and a darker color for the two side wall. The lighter wall in the front of the room can then become the focal point and is more pronounced, yet remains balanced within the contrasting colors in the room. Consider the color of the furniture and accessories you’re adding to the room when choosing a paint color. Many accessories one might add to a yoga room might include dark statues, small indoor water fountains, and multicolored paintings. Try to ensure that the items you add complement the color scheme you’re going for and add to the tranquility of the space.Consider the color of the furniture and accessories you’re adding to the room when choosing a paint color.

If windows offer a desirable level of lighting, great scenery, and promote peacefulness, consider investing in the installation of wider windows and getting sheer curtains that complement the color scheme. Sometimes low lighting can add to the serenity of a space. Thicker curtains allow you to better control the indoor lighting and open your lighting options from various sizes and styles of ceiling lights and table lamps. For those who’d prefer a less prominent light source, small, round 18 to 20 inch ceiling lights add lighting while appearing modern and sleek. Invest in lighting from stores like home depot or IKEA that can offer a wide variety of options and additional inspiration while selecting items to personalize your space.

Those who also want to run to get in shape, but want to enjoy it in the privacy of their own homes may want to invest in a treadmill. While treadmills and dumbbells come in a variety of colors, the main concern should be obtaining the right set of workout equipment for the right purpose while maintaining as much open space as possible. Because comfortable shoes are necessary for many workout routines, room flippers should also consider investing in workout clothes and shoes with discounts from  groupon coupons. Plan carefully and creatively to buy all the essentials you need to make your space as appealing, comfortable, and useful as possible.


4 Reasons Why Bedroom is the Most Important Room in Your House

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It is the place where your every day starts and ends. Your bedroom affects your life in so many ways and now, you will see why.

Your favorite hello and hardest goodbye

This sentence practically explains itself. The main thing in all bedrooms is, logically, bed, and we all love our beds don’t we? Now, finding the right bed parts is actually pretty complicated. First, you need to find a bed that fits the size of your room, and yourself of course. You don’t want it to occupy your entire room, but you also don’t want your feet to hang while you are sleeping. Will it be single, double, king-sized bed frame? When you buy a frame, you will need a good and comfortable mattress. Finding a right mattress can be difficult. It can take hours and hours of searching and miles of walking through the furniture shops, or you can buy mattress on sale also and save yourself a lot of time. The right pillow is also a major factor here also. The best choice is to buy those memory-foam filled pillows because they are designed to make you feel comfortable and to hold your neck in a right position during sleep which is also very important. As for the bed sheets, there are no rules. No matter how old you are, you can always use bed sheets with your favorite cartoon character on them.

cozy bedroom

Your own escape from reality

You can do and be anything you want. You can dress like a clown, you can sing naked, you can read in peace or make the biggest noise – nobody will know and it feels good. We humans simply need some space and what a perfect place for that this is.


This is the place that connects. It connects you with your inner self since you are observing your subconsciousness while you are dreaming, but it also connects you with your patrner (if you have one). Sleeping next to someone gives us that feeling of security and love, especially if you two fall asleep cuddling.

The room with the biggest impact on your life

You arranged everything there by your taste and you enjoy every single inch of it. You have probbably heard about feng-shui techniques, and that is a very useful thing to know nowdays. Important thing here is that you have to, without fail, avoid cluttering your bedroom because you just won’t feel comfortable being in it. The wall color also plays a major role here. If you can, avoid those strong and bright colors like red or terracotta, but use soft ones like purple or beige. Next important thing is artwork and photos on your walls. Yes, that Valentino Rossi caught on camera while driving his motocycle at a speed of 250 km/h looks pretty amazing on your wall, but something like that is not meant to hanged above someone’s bed and to be the first thing he sees when he opens his eyes in the morning. Instead of that, put some abstract , but yet calming pictures of trees, or animals or even sea. Nobody gets nervous while thinking about sea, right?

Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

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It is that time of year again when we start considering our spring cleaning and I for one couldn’t be more excited! It is out with the old and in with the new, from our dusty cupboards to full carpet cleaning; you just have to get stuck in. With this in mind I thought I would offer you some top tips for spring cleaning your bedroom and starting afresh for the new year.

Keep your bed fresh and clean

We spend so much of our lives asleep that we often don’t realise just how long we have spent in them. Due to this I thought this would be a great place to start. Along with washing all bedding, a great place to start your spring cleaning is to look at your mattress and add in a mattress protector. Tempur mattress protectors are a great example of just how useful adding one to your room can be. They work in two ways; firstly they protect your actual mattress from dirt. A mattress protector is far easier to clean than a mattress itself, so this eliminates the need to clean your mattress. The second way is to help to protect you from dust and allergens that may well be on your mattress already. Easy to clean and helpful to – what could be better.


Organise your wardrobe to make your life easier

I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe always ends up full of unwanted clothing, bags and shoes, making it so much harder to find the items that I really need and love. Giving your bedroom a proper spring clean is the perfect time to get rid of all the old things that you simply no longer need. I am not suggesting you create yourself a capsule wardrobe, if you love your items then don’t throw them away, but buy sorting through it you will give yourself an easier wardrobe to manage. Once you have separated the clothing that you wish to keep, you can place the other items back, with your most used items at the front so getting dressed will be quicker and easier in the long run.

Create a different mood and gain the bedroom that you have always wanted

Spring time is the perfect opportunity to rearrange your bedroom and create the mood you have always wanted to. There are two ways you can achieve this during a spring clean. Firstly you can rearrange your furniture to face a different way, exchange furniture from other rooms or simply move just your bed. Let’s face it, we all get a little fed up with our decor after a few years, so this gives you the chance to change this. The second option is to add in new decorative items. Look at changing your style of bedding, curtains and soft furnishings with some that you really love. Add in items such as candles, maybe a dressing table of your dreams….the choices really are yours, but small changes can give you dramatic impacts.

Looking For A Boys Bedroom Theme?

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While doing your girls’ bedroom you can be very sure of her continued involvement in the process of redecorating her room, but you may feel a bit apprehensive of his involvement while doing it for your boy. But you need not have any such fears, as he’ll be more than enthusiastic and it could need a bit of toning down. Boys tend to be more adventurous by nature and you have to demonstrate a different level of creativity to give their ideas a more practical shape. But in their case too you need to know their favorite colors, celebrities, bands, animals,designs and hobbies and things that generally excite roomThe first thing that naturally comes to mind while doing any redecorating project is the color scheme of the room. Don’t be surprised if the boy chooses one of the wildest colors. It needs your intervention to help him choose a more appropriate but exciting color. You may check if having wallpapers on the walls would suit your budget, because you get amazing variety of these, especially made for young boys with themes that they love. Paint is an economical option and you may just paint one of the walls in his favorite color and the rest of the walls could have complementary neutral color. Do include his favorite posters or better still, have them framed for putting on the wall to get a more stylish room. It always helps to have some all time favorite posters of boys.

If you are hard pressed for space consider the possibility of having a loft bed. It helps saving space. Underneath the loft bed you generally have a desk allowing a better utilization of limited available space. Headboards may be given a more personalized look by including images of his favorites. Let the room have a sporty look. Add some sporting equipment like baseball or hockey sticks. You must be aware how thrilled the boys are by the mere mention of their sports. They would surely welcome such additions in their room at any time.

loft bedWhat I always recommend to people who ask me about the furniture is – go for wooden furniture. When it comes to style, that’s where you have to make a decision on your own, we all have different tastes and prefer different things. But if you ask me what kind of furniture is best for any room in your home, I will say you should choose wooden furniture any time you can.

There are many ways to include the models and pictures of the favorite sport of your boy. To keep alive his excitement you may throw pillows shaped like footballs or baseballs. Or consider having rugs incorporating some sporting equipment or even bedspreads with depictions of his favorite team. These are all interesting ideas for boys’ room as they are more inclined to sports and for good reason. Your boy may be in art and craft. Look for a suitable spot in the room to include and display some of his creations. It may be a good idea to have some hanging shelves for that propose. In any case shelves are needed in his room to take care of his collectibles like the medals and trophies he may win in his favorite sport and the books he may love to read.