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How to Decorate

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Consider the color of the furniture and accessories you’re adding to the room when choosing a paint color.

If you’re looking for a space that exudes tranquility and promotes focus, buy home accents, paint, and equipment that represents your new purpose for the space.

Either warm or light neutral tones are better for yoga rooms. Choose a single color like a beige, grey, or brown, or consider trying a lighter color for the front and back walls and a darker color for the two side wall. The lighter wall in the front of the room can then become the focal point and is more pronounced, yet remains balanced within the contrasting colors in the room. Consider the color of the furniture and accessories you’re adding to the room when choosing a paint color. Many accessories one might add to a yoga room might include dark statues, small indoor water fountains, and multicolored paintings. Try to ensure that the items you add complement the color scheme you’re going for and add to the tranquility of the space.Consider the color of the furniture and accessories you’re adding to the room when choosing a paint color.

If windows offer a desirable level of lighting, great scenery, and promote peacefulness, consider investing in the installation of wider windows and getting sheer curtains that complement the color scheme. Sometimes low lighting can add to the serenity of a space. Thicker curtains allow you to better control the indoor lighting and open your lighting options from various sizes and styles of ceiling lights and table lamps. For those who’d prefer a less prominent light source, small, round 18 to 20 inch ceiling lights add lighting while appearing modern and sleek. Invest in lighting from stores like home depot or IKEA that can offer a wide variety of options and additional inspiration while selecting items to personalize your space.

Those who also want to run to get in shape, but want to enjoy it in the privacy of their own homes may want to invest in a treadmill. While treadmills and dumbbells come in a variety of colors, the main concern should be obtaining the right set of workout equipment for the right purpose while maintaining as much open space as possible. Because comfortable shoes are necessary for many workout routines, room flippers should also consider investing in workout clothes and shoes with discounts from  groupon coupons. Plan carefully and creatively to buy all the essentials you need to make your space as appealing, comfortable, and useful as possible.


Rid Yourself Of Those Unwanted Holiday Guests

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As the old saying goes, “Guests are the blessings of God to your home.” So, are we being impolite or even rude by suggesting you “rid yourself of unwanted holiday guests?” Shouldn’t we let the blessings of God enter our homes and make an auspicious start to the new year of 2016?

Well, of course you should. But let’s not cause any more confusion. When we say “unwanted guests,” we don’t mean your uncle, cousins, or even neighbors. We’re talking about those hideous, disgusting, and totally unbearable pests that can be found in certain parts of your house.

These kind of guests only bring anxiety, headache, and botheration to your home – they’re not even close to bringing blessings in any way, shape or form. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners reported pest control problems in 2015, because they allowed the issue to escalate by not taking the proper measures, so, it’s only wise to take serious measures towards pest control inside your home. If there’s a new year’s resolution list being written at the start of 2016, there’s no better time than now to sad pest control to that list, and start protecting yourself and your home from these unwanted guests.


How to Effectively Protect Yourself From Pests in 2016

1. Pest Control Services

Fortunately, there are ways you can effectively deal with these unwanted pests. Today, there are a number of quality, highly reputable London pest control services out there that can help you get rid of any kind of pest living in your home. You just call them, let them know all about the current situation in your environment, and they’ll handle the rest. The technicians who come to carry out the pest control treatments are usually highly trained and experience in their field. So, it’s highly unlikely that those problematic pests will be able to find their way back into your home again.

Of course, there can be some instances where they’ll need a couple of sessions to complete the treatment effectively – but this will depend upon the severity of the pest outbreak.

2. Everyday Pest Protection Rituals

Besides considering employing a pest control service, it’s a good thing to make a habit of following these highly effective and proven everyday rituals for protecting yourself and your house from unwanted pests:

  • Keep your house clean and well vacuumed to eliminate insect eggs and larvae.
  • Dispose off your household rubbish sooner as opposed to later so as not to attract pests.
  • If you use fire wood so often, never keep it closer than 20 feet from your house.
  • Regularly clean out your pantry, and make sure to check food packages to see if there are any bugs in them.
  • Keep food contained in sealed plastic boxes, and do the same for clothing that might be vulnerable to moths.
  • A good pest control strategy is to block up any holes and cracks in your internal and external walls.
  • Fix any leaky or dripping plumbing and taps can prevent cockroaches.
  • Use pest deterrents such as sonic devices, special pest repellents or strongly scented essential oils such as peppermint for mice or cedar oil against moths.

DIY – Damp Proofing

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Just like with many other tasks that need to be done inside and outside your home, damp proofing is something you can do by yourself. There are many people who tried this already since they had proper information on how damp proofing should be done. Considering you too can invest some time to learn and to find proper products, you can complete this task on your own.

damp proof course

Common practice is to include physical damp proof into your structure. While this is easily done in new buildings, it would be a different story in existing properties. You would need a specialist to determine how much the DPC would be effective. You can source a contractor for this though. Once you have the guarantee for curing dampness, you can move on to the next step.

Once you know that your property is above ground and that you are going to work on a pure damp proofing, you can start obtaining injection creams, paint on bitumen, fluids and cavity drain membranes. But, which of these should you use?

Damp creams are easily to apply and are effective, especially in brick structures.  Avoid using them in stone structures.

Cavity drain membranes work well in non-retaining and retaining structures. You would have to be very skilled to complete this task properly though. So, if you are not sure about your DIY abilities, it’s best that you hire a contractor.

damp proofing

My suggestion is that you consult with a contractor first, before you do anything else. You will at least get a precise evaluation on what needs to be done and then you can decide whether to pursuit this task by yourself or not. Remember that the damp proof course actually depends on the style and age of the construction you are working with. DIY approach can be used only when there is no damp course or if it is defective.

5 Reasons Tile Grout Sealant Is So Important

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Grout tile sealer may seem like an unnecessary expense if you’re tiling an area of your home. However, these 5 points demonstrate how important and worthy an investment it really is.

If you’re investing in some expensive new porcelain tiles, or bathroom tiles you’re going to be needing some good quality grout and grout sealer to protect it. Many people don’t realise how important tile grout sealer is in relation to their new tile investment. It’s a sealant that can make your new floor or wall surface go from a 1 or 2 year investment, to a 20 year investment. It can save you time, money and a lot of maintenance as well. There are lots of reasons those embarking on both professional and domestic tile projects use tile grout sealer, and here are just five of them:

Tile Grout Sealant

1. Strength Reinforcement

Tile grout sealer reinforces the grout you use and stops it deteriorating over time. If you don’t seal wall tile grout, it is highly possible that it will begin to disintegrate or crack quite quickly. This not only means you have to apply grout again and potentially apply new tiles that have been damaged falling from the wall, or being removed, but it also means you have a fiddly job taking away what remains of the old unsealed grout. Even the most minor deterioration can cause an annoyance, with small cracks being hot beds for germs and dirt, and they look pretty unsightly too.

2. Colour Reinforcement

A grout sealer used on porcelain floor tiles prevents the grout becoming discoloured. Any spillages, walked in dirt or even dust can cause unsightly stains and discoloration. This means the grout will eventually turn an ugly brown, or even black which means the perfect white tiles you carefully picked out will lose their light and clean overall appearance. In any surface that hasn’t been sealed, debris and residue is a problem because the surface is porous. Although there are cleaning methods that can be used to remove some of the dirt or discolouration, they can often prove difficult or unsuccessful long term.

3. Easier Cleaning

With wall tiles or especially floor tiles, general cleaning needs should be expected. Sealing the grout in between floor tiles or wall tiles means that you will be able to clean your surfaces much easier. The smoother a surface is, the easier it is to clean. Unfortunately many household cleaning products can also become trapped in the pores of unsealed grout, which means that you will over time simply be moving dirt around rather than cleaning it away. When you use a grout sealer, the grout will be as easy to clean as the tiles are.

4. Big Savings

Ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles or any floor tiles or wall tiles can be costly, so they are an investment worth protecting. If you don’t protect your tile grout with grout sealer you could end up having to completely redo your tiling, or pay for tile repairs and maintenance much more regularly than you would have to if you used a grout sealer. If you compare the costs of an effective grout sealer with maintenance products, heavy duty cleaning products, new grout and even new tiles, it is much more cost effective to simply seal your grout in the first place.

5. Potential Added Value

If and when you sell your home, the devil is in the detail, so clean grout does matter. If grout looks discoloured or like it has deteriorated, that will be listed as a negative by potential buyers, as if they purchase the property they will have to pay for the grout to be cleaned, or for the floor or wall to be retiled. Beautiful tiled surfaces may also add value to your home because they can make an area look more spacious, light and clean which is something every potential buyer looks for.

Wall Decal Clock For The Kids Room

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One of the best things that happened recently are adhesive wall decal clocks. They became quite popular and are a new way to get the time, whether you are in office or your home. There are many different sizes and shapes to choose from, you will actually have troubles picking the one you like the most. It’s best not to waste time in choosing the best, just pick one as it is easy and cheap to remove the wall decal clock you have and replace it with a new one.

It’s easy to set up these clocks – you need to install the wall decal first and then place the clock mechanism on the right place. And that’s it! You can do this all by yourself. But if you have kids, you might want to share this experience with them. They can even help you with this, it will be a very interesting event for them.

Urgent Bird Wall Clock

I got one wall decal clock for my kids, it’s now installed in their room. It’s an urgent bird wall clock, a very cute and interesting design that my kids chose. The clock is silent, so it doesn’t bother them when they are going to sleep, which is the part that I was attracted to  🙂

There are 14 different parts to be installed here and the kids had a lot of fun helping me set it up. We had a great time deciding which part goes where and where to put the clock. The entire room looks a lot different now, it’s a bit more cheerful and I really love what this simple wall decal can do in terms of decoration.