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How To Resurface Your Concrete Driveway So It Lasts Longer?

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Over time, concrete driveways tend to develop potholes and cracks. Out of all the options that are available, it is often the most cost-effective and sensible to resurface a driveway’s damaged sections. Resurfacing is a solid home improvement option that can save you a lot of money, improve the landscape’s visual appeal and take less time when compared with other methods that are available.

Steps for resurfacing concrete driveways

When a concrete driveway is compared to a gravel driveway, it appears that although a concrete drive can last for approximately 20 to 30 years, gravel driveways can last up to 100 years and require only a minimum amount of maintenance. However, concrete is still the preferred option, especially if you choose the right contractor to do your driveway.

These days it is a very common sight to see your driveway, which not that long ago was a beautiful, smooth concrete drive, now be wrecked, potholed and cracked. It is definitely not a sight that you want to see. Atmospheric factors, rain and extreme temperatures subject concrete driveways to a great deal of wear and tear.

To begin with, there is the option for you to reconstruct your whole driveway. However, that will be very expensive. You can instead repair only the damaged parts of your driveway, and save yourself a lot of money in the process. That is definitely a better options. Resurfacing or repairing your concrete driveway will potentially save you as much as 50% of the total cost for entirely reconstructing your driveway.

Resurface Your Concrete Driveway

Repairing Your Concrete Driveway

The first step in your repairing process is to thoroughly clean the concrete surface. If necessary, use a firm brush to sweep the area. After you are done sweeping, use a strong hose that has enough water pressure and then spray water into the holes and cracks to loosen debris and get rid of all of the dirt and dust.

After you sweep and spray clean, you then need to repair whatever cracks have developed. You need to prime the cracks and then use elastomeric repair material to fill them. The cracks can then be further reinforced with fabric and an elastomeric base coat can be applied over the cracked area. Multiple polymer concrete patches then need to be laid onto the cracked surface. The patches are then ground in order to make them smooth and also level with the surface surrounding them.

Resurfacing A Concrete Driveway

A granule broadcast and prime coat are evenly applied over the whole area that needs to be resurfaced. Then a texture coat gets applied to the whole area. To achieve this, first ultra surface polymer concrete gets prepared according to the directions that are listed on the package. Then a special kind of spray gun is used to evenly spray it onto the concrete surface.

After you have finished the resurfacing process, it is critical to ensure that the layers are properly evened out. Therefore, it is necessary to use a trowel to level and smooth the surface. Be sure to wear footwear and hand gloves while doing this so you don’t end up stuck to the concrete.

If you would like to have a colored driveway, during the resurfacing process you can apply a color coat onto the surface. Then applying a seal coat layer and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Remember that your driveway should not be made accessible to cars for 2 to 3 days after it has completely dried. Before you plan to resurface your driveway, consider the weather conditions first. Suitable conditions for resurfacing your driveway include a damp surface and 70 degrees F. In cold weather, the curing process will take longer. When the weather it hot, you will need to dampen the surface regularly in order to slow the process down.

It can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task to resurface your concrete driveway. If you think it is beyond what your limits are, it is always possible to hire a professional concrete contractor to complete the job instead.


Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2017

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One of the greatest perks of owning a house is having a backyard as well. Not only does it provide you with the space to relax, but it’s also a great way to practice your landscaping and decorating skills. Just like in interior design, experts set the trends for each year for outdoor living, too, so here are some of the best ones for the upcoming year.

Outdoor living spaces

For a while now, the lines between indoor and outdoor design have been blurry, but in 2017, they’re about to be erased. Namely, furnishing your garden with living room items is the hottest trend right now, resulting in the creation of contemporary outdoor living spaces. Upholstered sofa and chairs along with an actual fireplace are becoming common for the outdoors and it makes perfect sense when you think about it – why not bring the comfort of your living room outdoors and add some fresh air to the equation? Invest in a good outdoor structure to protect your furniture from severe weather conditions and just relax.



It’s only natural to choose the plants native to your area for your backyard garden, but landscape experts took it to another level for the year to come. Namely, they claim you should opt for endemic species, native to a particular ecosystem to make it as local as possible. This is part of a trend that celebrates regionalism and it applies to building materials as well – garden designers are using rocks that are locally sourced to build items needed for decorating the outdoors. It’s a lovely idea since it’s as environmentally friendly as possible – it lowers the carbon footprint and supports your local ecosystem.

Natural materials

In addition to hyperlocalism, preferring the natural materials in outdoor design is another way to get closer to Mother Nature. From building materials to floors to upholstery fabrics – everything must be all natural. So, if you’re thinking of redecorating, head to the fabric store and opt for cotton, velvet, linen, or wool to refresh your outdoor furniture. In addition, woven is a must-have organic element in your garden and there’s a good reason behind it – it’s timeless, durable and versatile enough to fit easily into any style.

Contemporary lighting

As we already mentioned, the line between indoor and outdoor is slowly disappearing as you can see from the outdoor lighting trends for the year 2017. Floor lamps, like those you could see in living rooms, are a big hit for lighting the patio. They are somewhat bigger and made to be more durable but, just like indoor lamps, they can be used as a focused light or to create a romantic ambience. Another trend in lighting is affordability – that’s why LED lights are a must. They last longer than standard bulbs and they are far more practical.

contemporary lighting


Sustainable landscaping is one of the smartest trends for the future since it’s responsive to the environment and can contribute to the development of healthy communities. For example, residential green roofs and green walls can reduce energy waste and improve the insulation of your house, not to mention how trendy it might look. Besides, it’s a great solution for tiny backyards – vertical gardens don’t take up too much space but they can clean your air and provide fresh ingredients for your meals. Therefore, it’s a real win-win situation.

As you can see, there’s a trendy option for everyone, regardless of the style you prefer. Choose what you like and start planning your renovation – improving your backyard and making it cosier is always a good investment.


Taking Care Of Your Garden

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Gardening for beginners

The basics of gardening are important to practice as much as possible, because only that way can you ensure that your garden stays in a good condition and that your plants bloom and grow. Moreover, in order to make sure that everything is well taken care of, you will need practice and it will help you notice oddities more quickly. On the other hand, you will also find faster ways of handling garden chores, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on maintaining it every time.

Mulching your plants to ensure good and healthy growth

Knowing how to mulch and the advantages of when putting it on and around your plants is a great way to ensure that your garden is healthy and weed free. But it is not only enough to make the mulch, it will be very helpful to know how to apply the mulch as well, otherwise you might end up suffocating or smothering the plants, and your garden will quickly shrivel up and look half-dead. Keep in mind that these basic guides will help you in growing and amazing and awe inspiring garden, but you will need time and practice to do it.

Taking Care Of Your Garden

Avoid letting your garden go thirsty

It is imperative that you keep your garden and plants well watered, otherwise they might suffer from the heat, or they might not grow as they were intended. Although there are many watering machines and methods you can use, it is best to ensure that the water can flow freely and without any issues. Which is why you should invest in diesel pumps that can run your watering system no matter what, so that your plants are watered and kept well to bloom.

Feed your plants nutrients

Make sure that you do not just water your plants, it will be necessary to keep them healthy and full of nutrients, otherwise they will not grow. Take some time to learn about the fertilizing basics, and what will be good for your plants, but make sure that you try to avoid industrial fertilizes as much as possible, because they could contain harsh chemicals. You can recycle most of the things from your garden, so that you can make your own organic fertilizer, and your plants will be very thankful for it, rewarding you with a radiant bloom.

A garden is a great investment

Although you will be able to enjoy the nice shade and relaxing nature of your garden, it is vital that you realize that a garden is an investment, and as such you will need to invest not only money and effort, but a bit of time as well. Nevertheless, in the end it will be worth it, because you will have a piece of heaven right in your home, and you will have proof of your hard work. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts, and that you should work on your gardening skills bit by bit.

Different Types of Landscape Hedge Clippers

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These garden tools are made to trim not only hedges but also shrubbery, tall grass, and bushes. They are used in residential and commercial landscape management. There are three major models of landscape hedge clippers.

Manual hedge clippers

This type of clippers is relatively simple to use. They have two blades that are joined at a pivot point and two handles, made of wood or aluminum covered with rubber or hard plastic. They are considered a two-handed tool and used for small hedge trimming jobs. Some offer extendable handles and non-slip grips. Manual hedge clippers are what many homeowners use if they do not have a lot of trimming to do.

Electrically powered hedge clippers

This type of clippers is designed to make large hedge trimming jobs easy and quick to finish. It is a double blade system with each blade having sharpened teeth along the edge of the blade. Each blades reciprocates and cuts down any material that is caught between the teeth of the blades while they are in motion. Most of the electrically powered hedge clippers have a number of safety devices in place to prevent any operator injuries. The drawback with using these clippers is that you need to have them plugged in so you will need to have an extension cord of considerable length so you can reach all that needs trimmed.

landscape hedge clippers

Gas powered hedge clippers

For large residential and commercial landscape management of big areas that require heavy-duty trimming regularly this is the type of clippers needed. Because they are gas powered there is no extension cord to drag all over the yard, which makes it easier to do the trimming in remote locations. The drawback with using these type of clippers is that you have a bulky gas tank attached, making it a heavier trimmer.

In Conclusion

On average the gas and electrically powered hedge clipper’s blades are between thirteen and forty inches with blade gape of point three seventy-five to point seventy-five. The blade gap is the distance that is between the teeth on the blades. The larger blade gaps enable the operator to clip thicker branches. Some commercial landscape management hedge clippers have blade gaps over one inch long.

If the blades are made of stamped, hardened, high carbon tool steel they can last up to ten times longer than normal. These blades will require less regular maintenance and retain their sharpness longer than blades of lower-quality steel. You can get blades with a serrated or smooth edge and double or single sided. Make sure that when you are operating landscape hedge clippers that you are wearing eye protection, gloves, and that you cut away from your body to prevent any injuries.

The Piles Of Every Garden

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Have you ever wondered how could you boost up your backyard, make it more alluring, comfortable? One of the first things that we spot upon entering someone’s garden, are, of course, trees. Those inevitable parts of every yard require distinctive care and attention. It will make your house feel and look more like home, providing you with shades to rest upon during summer, and calming sound of rustling leaves in the autumn.

planting-a-treeTaking care of trees

If you are educated botanist, you can take care ofyour natural decoration, but in most of the cases, your knowledge about how to plant, keep and maintain trees is strictly limited. There are several factors that you should look upon. First thing, of course, is the spot for planting trees. Should it be in backyard, or in front of the house? How tall will it grow? Will it obstruct a window, which is source of light? Also, will it attract some or any vermin maybe? Are the fruits of that particular tree perhaps poisonous? And, of course, what will you do one day, if you decide to cut it down? Or, what if it falls by itself, because of a raging storm? If you answered all of these questions, you are ready for planting, and embellishment of your home. But, if you are insecure, or uncertain, there are a lot of internet forums and web pages that can provide with help or additional information. On the other hand, if you are lacking free time, or the amount of job required is significant, you can always ask for help. There are a lot of agencies which can provide help concerning your garden, specifically, trees.

Removing and improvement

In case that you want or, rather must remove a tree from your yard, it is an undertaking which you cannot do on your own. Dead wood, tree which has leaned too much, or any other case which needs professional help requires you to call tree removal agency. These highly trained experts will help you acquiring what you desire. Of course, first thing that you need to look upon is safety, not to endanger you, your family, or your estate. They can also improve the looks and functionality of our existing trees, or plant new ones, concerning your desire. Roots of a three can severely damage the foundations of your house, if planted wrong, or too close to the house. In the future, this can reduce the price of the house, if you decide to sell it. This is yet another reason for asking professional help. Clipping down the canopy, trimming for light, whatever you decide, you can achieve. Good thing about trees is, once it fully grows, requires little to no care. Raking the leaves in the autumn, watching for pests and diseases, is all that requires. But this can only be achieved through careful planning, organizing, and implementation of decided decisions.

So, everything considered, it is strongly recommended for you to plant a sapling behind your house, watch it grow, attend it, and one day, it will provide you with all the benefits it brings along.