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When Bundling Home Technology Is A Good Idea

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Bundling home services has not always seemed like a good idea. We all know that bundling cable, phone, and internet will give us extra services that we never wanted in the first place, and not necessary make them cheaper. Same goes for insurance: with the intention of having only one insurance bill, we might end up paying a higher price than when we buy services separately from different carriers.

So, when is bundling a good idea?

Bundling is a good idea when services or devices can integrate with one another, thus creating a better experience for the customer.

The areas that can together create a much nicer experience when bundled are: Home-Security, Home Automation and Energy Management. If you don’t have the right equipment and the right technology in place, you are not really taking advantage of the synergy these services can create for you.

Many people already have in place a traditional home security system from companies like ADT or Brinks, and they want to continue using their services. But when energy management is implemented they only get partial results. For example, let’s suppose you have a traditional home security system and purchase a smart a/c thermostat from Nest, for example. Nest can be controlled via Wi-Fi and can learn several patterns in order to help you save energy. But, when your home security system encompasses energy management, both areas will integrate, meaning more savings. If you use, for instance, the GlobalTech Energy Management System, you can program the a/c to shut off when doors and windows are left open, saving ever more energy than a Nest thermostat, or you can program your a/c to go into savings mode when you arm the alarm system. This is only possible because energy management is integrating with bundled door and window sensors and with the alarm system.


The same thing with home automation: you may have a smart lock or smart garage door opener that can be controlled via a smart phone app. But if they don’t bundle with energy management or security system, all you have is a remote control through a smart phone. On the other hand, when you integrate your garage door or front door with other systems, you can program exterior lights to turn on for a certain amount of time when the door is unlocked or garage is opened, or program lights to turn off when you lock your doors; you can program your alarm to arm itself when you close down the garage in the morning or lock doors at night.

If all your equipment is compatible, and you have a powerful app to control everything, like for example, you also have reports integrating all services, for example: where and when energy consumption is higher, when your a/c is working harder, when and where doors were locked and unlock, who had access to you home. All from one system that uses home security, energy management and home automation together.

The Importance Of Guarding Your Properties Using Surveillance Camera Systems

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The extent of unknown activities that take place in a residential or professional environment can at times be shocking. There are a variety of day-to-day activities worthy of tracking that take place in your house or office. At minimum, you should have the ability to know what is going on at your personal and professional properties at any given time.

Installing quality surveillance camera systems at these types of locations is one way to keep you informed about activities that are taking place. Since surveillance cameras come in a number of different sizes and shapes, consider your individual application and establish goals before making a decision on which size and type to invest in.

Due to advancements in technology, the smallest of businesses and common everyday households can now afford to have a quality surveillance camera system in place. The latest models on the market are highly user-friendly and efficient. Just like using a computer or APP for keeping track of things, surveillance cameras help you to keep track and protect your surroundings with peace of mind. From nanny cams to full-scale business surveillance set ups, affordable options are abundant.

surveillance camerasOnce you install a surveillance system at your home or office, the ability to monitor every movement become endless. Take your surveillance system one step further and incorporate a quality DVR to record footages if live monitoring is not possible. Just by having an effective surveillance camera in place, chances are robbers and thieves will pass your space buy to procure an easier target. Many highly advanced surveillance systems even have the ability to warn you via mobile alert if any unusual activity is detected. Upon receipt of a warning, you can check live video on your mobile device, computer or tablet to determine whether the alert is serious or not. This type of advanced surveillance offers the best level of protection available on the market today.

Since the rate of crime continues to increase year after year, the need for better and more preventative protection has become higher than ever. Studies show that people associate crime with unknown people, but this is just not the case. More often that not, it is the people you know who steal from you, rather than ones you have never met.

Sure there is no one shot solution to eliminate all threats. However, installation of an advanced surveillance camera system can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a costly crime. Knowing that intelligent cameras can guard your property and that you will be alerted in the case of unusual movement is the best way to ensure peace of mind. Whether you’re watching a movie at home, out with friends, or traveling for business, you can relax knowing your people and your property are secured with a surveillance camera system in place.

Finding And Buying Janome Sewing Machines On Sale

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Anyone who likes to sew would love getting a Janome sewing machine at discounted price. That’s because of the quality and features of this machine. Its price is a limiting factor for many perspective buyers. Here you’ll find what makes the machines from this manufacturer so special and how to get one online at a discounted price:

What’s so special about Janome products?

janome sewing machine

Janome machines continue to enjoy a wide patronage from varied users, from beginners to this interesting craft of sewing to professional craftsmen and tailors, because of its easy handling and intrinsic design. These machines offer a near noiseless operation and are designed to stitch thru light and heavy fabrics without needing any adjustment of tension. Actually, even a lot of the low-end machines from this manufacturer make it easy for you to stitch six or more number of layers of heavy fabrics like denim.

You don’t have to fiddle with bobbin, presser feet or even scissors. Most of the models using latest technology allow to change feet and bobbins in mid-switch. Moreover, you can cut the thread by just pushing the button of the thread cutter.

Almost all the reviews on these machines mention these features:

  • The machine is ready for operation within 20 minutes of opening the box
  • It works quietly
  • It offers fast operations
  • It’s a workhorse
  • Has better workmanship

All these features when added together make Janome a very favorite brand. Actually, these sewing machines are often noted for outperforming higher-end competitors of the kind of Husqvarna and Bernina!

janome on sale

Where do you find a great Janome sale?

There are many online vendors of Janome sewing machines. If you undertake a search under the term “Janome sale” you’ll see many websites coming up. Some vendors offer coupons and discounts or free shipping. You can also get used or refurbished machines. However there is an element of risk associated with buying used machines because you can’t be sure of what you are going to have in the absence of any warranty from the manufacturer.

Perhaps the best way will be to conduct your own research and look for someone who is already experienced on what coupons or sales are offering at present. Such a person can generally put you on the right track.