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Tips to Maximize Your Complete House Remodel

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In case you are considering a second story addition or complete house remodel, here are some effective tips to maximize your complete house remodel. This will allow you to increase functionality and make future improvements easier. These tips will also reduce costs.

Consider Water Supply

You should never add more bathrooms without considering your water supply lines. In fact, you also need to consider the capacity of your water heater. A water tank with lengthy recovery time will be unable to meet your needs. Therefore, you should consider a separate heater to meet specific needs of your family.

Proper Insulation

In order to maximize your complete house remodel, you should use proper insulation. You can use soundboard, rockwool or drywall insulation to reduce sound transmissions through your walls. You can even use resilient channels in ceilings. This will reduce sound transmission from one floor to another.


Avoid Noise of Waterfall

If you are using a decorative waterfall in your home, you may be worried about the noise running through your walls. Plastic waste pipe in your walls can easily create the sound of falling water. This is not a major concern when your pipes run into an unfinished basement. However, if you’re adding a second-story, waste lines will come down through main floor walls. You should upgrade to cast iron pipes to reduce the noise.

Quiet Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are even required by code in many different locations. However, if you will be using exhaust fans regularly, you should purchase quiet exhaust fans. A loud fan will create a lot of unnecessary noise and even shake the particular floor on which it has been installed.

Plan for the Future

If you think you might add solar panels or buy an electric car in future, you need to make necessary provisions now. For instance, you should install a circuit for a charging station or leave some space on your roof for panels. You need to make sure that mechanical and engineering systems are in place for the next phase. With a growing family, your rubbish removal needs may also increase. It’s important to consider these factors.

New Doors, Sidings and Windows

In order to maximize your complete house model, this decision may be influenced by structural requirements. In case your exterior walls require siding to be removed and plywood to be nailed on, you should replace everything.

In case you have brick on the main floor, you should use wood siding or cement at the second-story. Door and window matching will make sense if existing doors and windows are in good shape or it becomes expensive to replicate them. It will completely depend on your preference.

Discuss with Your Architect

Most importantly, you need to discuss everything with your architect and contractor. Professionals always make efforts to meet your needs and requirements. However, you should ask them what they would have done if it was their home.

These were some of the best tips to maximize your complete house remodel. The key is to focus on your needs, requirements and futuristic design to make the most of your investment. With these tips, you can maximize results while reducing costs.

When Staircase Designs Are Inappropriate

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You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a number of situations in which a particular staircase design might be inappropriate. Whilst there is nothing wrong with the design visually or in terms of compliance and safety, the staircase simply may not complement the intended users or location. In this article, we have outlined some of the situations that may be considered inappropriate with an explanation of why this is the case.

  • Elderly/Mobility Challenged
    It is important to remember that staircases are inherently more dangerous than level walkways and ramps, so there are some situations in which they should never be used. The elderly, for example, have more stair-related accidents than anyone else. They are also more easily injured and the consequences of such injuries are more severe. Similar can be said for those with mobility challenges.
  • Intoxicated
    It almost goes without saying that alcohol may induce problems with agility, stamina, mobility and reaction time. People who are intoxicated may have an awkward gait or use the handrail as a crutch. The slow motion with which they walk also makes even greater demands on balance skills than usual and actually increases the likelihood that a person will completely lose their balance.

modern glass stairs designSo, how can staircase designs be made more appropriate or altered to ensure the safety of the elderly, mobility challenged and intoxicated? Firstly, where feasible, stairs should not be the sole means of access in such locations. Secondly, an alternative means of access (such as a ramp or elevator) should be provided.

  • Hidden
    Staircases are sometimes placed in a location where they may not be noticed. This can often lead to people falls, as people were not expecting the stairs and were not prepared. Some people have fallen after opening doors that swing directly over the top steps. Others haven’t even been looking for the stairs but have fallen when searching for the bathroom or another area of the building.
  • Visually Impaired
    Those with little to no vision, deteriorating vision or pathological vision deficits may also struggle to see the staircase. This problem is made worse at night or if the stairs are shrouded in darkness. Even those who walk with the aid of a cane have been known to fall down the steps, especially if a door opens directly over the top or there is no other physical indication that the floor drops.

So, how can staircase designs be made more appropriate or altered to ensure the safety of the visually impaired and everyday passersby? Firstly, stairs should be located out of direct pedestrian walkways. Secondly, doors should not open directly onto the flight. Thirdly, they should be easily seen or illuminated.

Whilst there are certainly more situations in which a particular staircase design might be inappropriate, we have outlined four of the most common in the article above. We hope that the recommendations offered help you to ensure that the presence of stairs in your home or workplace is always safe for every type of person who may encounter them. If you are still having problems with the design, make sure you speak with a professional.

Four Home Improvement Projects that Will Make Your Life Easier

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Homeownership isn’t always easy. Sometimes things break when you least expect them to, leaving you feeling frustrated and stretched thin financially. While the end results of a home project are often amazing, the process of getting there can be challenging. You need to find a contractor, schedule things, deal with demolition and multiple trips to your nearby home store. Thankfully, most home improvement projects are worth the momentary disruption of your life because they end up making things easier in the long term. Here are four home improvement projects that will truly simplify your life.

Upgrading your Thermostat
If you haven’t upgraded to a digital thermostat, there’s no better time than now to make the switch. Digital and smart thermostats can help you save a considerable amount of money on your utility bills each year. Some of the newer models have the ability to learn your behaviors with regards to home heating and cooling, coming up with an effortless schedule that you can tweak over time if needed. Imagine the convenience of never having to set your thermostat, and being able to control it remotely.

vinyl fenceInstalling a Vinyl Fence
While the lifespan of wood fences varies based on climate, overall upkeep, and type of wood, there’s one thing that’s certain: wood fences don’t last forever. If you’re thinking about upgrading an existing fence or installing a new one, vinyl fencing may be worth the investment. Vinyl is designed to last a lifetime, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it in a few years. It’s also easy to maintain, as opposed to wood which can warp and rot without regular maintenance. Whether you live in a mild or harsh climate, consider installing a vinyl fence instead of wood to get the best return on your investment.

Adding Siding to Your Home
Are you spending way too much money on painting or re-shingling your home every few years? If you want to reduce your overall home improvement costs, adding vinyl siding is an effective way to do it. If you do decide to make the switch make sure to use a quality contractor like Panama City roofing. As mentioned, vinyl is built to last and requires very little maintenance. Working with a contractor to add siding to your home can help make your life easier for many years to come.

buying a generatorBuying a Generator
There are few things worse than losing power for several days due to a major storm. If you live in an area of the country where blizzards, hurricanes, or other harsh weather events are common, you may want to consider purchasing a generator for your home. Generators come in various model types and capacities. You can even choose to hire a company to connect a large back-up system directly to your home, so that your electricity comes on automatically if there’s a power outage in your area.

If you’re interested in improving the overall value of your home and simplifying your life, there are a few home improvement projects that are totally worth the money. Consider upgrading your thermostat, installing a vinyl fence and siding, and buying a reliable generator. These home improvement projects can help make your life much easier!

Creating An Inspiring And Stimulating Nursery

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Nursery is where your baby naps and sleeps so it is important that you create a soothing and calm environment there. On the other site, you want to stimulate your baby to learn and play so you will have to find balance between these two sides. You can do that by using calming wall colours, soothing bedding and neutral carpets. Add patterned curtains, colourful wall art, nursery wall stickers and brightly coloured toys and you will have the perfect nursery for your baby.

Avoid Surrounding Your Baby With Soft Pastels

Keep it simple – that’s the key to creating a stimulating environment in the nursery. Use simple patterns and shapes and combine them with bold, warm colours so your baby can easily differentiate between them. Since the baby’s retina can distinguish only strong contrasts, you need to keep things simple.

While you may find soft pastels to be a great choice, your baby will not even notice them and they won’t contribute to baby’s brain development. Therefore, it is important that you avoid using pastel colours like baby blue and pastel pink. Choose bright and bold palette which has a contrast – black and yellow for example. You will instantly notice how your baby is drawn to these colours and how he looks at them with excitement and wonder.

nursery wall stickers
Boost Brain Development With Repeating Patterns And Simple Shapes

You should use large simple shapes to allow your child to notice them and get familiar with these shapes. By showing your baby all these shapes of different size you are helping her understand progression (with smaller to bigger shapes or vice versa) and size. This will further promote baby’s brain development.

Since babies spend a lot of  time lying on the bed, they usually keep looking at the ceiling and the walls. This means that you should decorate your walls and the ceiling to develop baby’s brain growth.

We all know that babies often wake up at night and then they have troubles with settling themselves back to sleep. By using a strong visual stimuli, you will help your baby to calm down. When the baby sees something interesting, she will be able to focus on it and that will attract her attention. Pictures and mobiles with bright colours will help your baby to calm down. Also, your baby will develop an interest towards these objects so she will stretch her arms out and try to reach them. This will not only improve brain development, it will build up body strength.

By creating a stimulating environment in the nursery, you will help with your baby’s brain development. Choose items that have contrasting, bright colours, repetitive patterns and shapes. Use wallpaper borders, lampshades, and nursery wall stickers.

Wrought Iron Fencing – Quality Without Compromise

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For a long, long time wrought iron fencing was the only option for decorative high-end fencing. When chain link and vinyl fencing arrived to the market, things changed a little. Although these two substitutes are a cheaper option, they can’t match the quality wrought iron has to offer. There are a lot of benefits it provides of which two are most important – it has a very long lifetime and it requires little maintenance.
wrought iron fence
I think it’s natural that you want to choose the best there is when it comes to fencing. Even if you do not plan to stay in your house for a long time, you can raise its value considerably if you choose to go with wrought iron fence. But before you make a purchase, you should know a little bit more about various styles you can choose from:

  • The Concord – It has horizontal bars, rings, round spear points and frame members
  • The Concord Deluxe – Has horizontal frames, consecutive rings, spear points and dog pickets.
  • The Essex Fence – Round points and detailed scrollwork.
  • Pool Style – Smooth rain on top and simple pickets.
  • The Arche – Round points make this style compatible with almost any wrought iron gate.

wrought iron fencingWhat About The Security?

You will hardly find a fence that is as secure as wrought iron fence. It’s almost impossible to break through this fence, and jumping across it is also a problem because of the sharp posts. It’s very hard to climb over this type of fence so if you are looking to boost your home security, this is the type of fence you should go for. On the other side, you won’t gain much privacy. This is because the fence is not installed close to the house and is not as closed as wooden fencing can be, for example. A good solution is to build a short brick fence and then install wrought iron fence over it. That would solve all your problems and you would then have the best looking and the most secure fencing possible.