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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Kitchen Cabinets

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In a kitchen renovation, one of the causes for the delay is installing your kitchen cabinets. DIY kitchen cabinets in San Diego are easy to assemble and install, but that does not mean it’s uncomplicated. Sometimes you see something’s wrong when all of them have been put in place. There are common errors that people make in the process. Read on so you can avoid the same when you install yours.

  1. Incorrect measurement. Installing San Diego kitchen cabinets is an exact science. You have a space for your cabinets, sinks, and appliances. If your measurements are off, then you will be in trouble. You need to know the precise measurements of your cabinet sections. You don’t want your kitchen to look awkward. Or worse, you will spend more in buying new cabinets. Take into consideration the measurements of your sink and other kitchen appliances to ensure your cabinets will fit in the space provided.
  2. Informal design layouts. You should get a professional design layout. You can get this for free when you purchase your kitchen cabinets in San Diego, such as in City Cabinet Center. They have experts who can help you choose the style, along with the sizing for upper and lower cabinets.
  3. Not checking out the cabinets when they arrive. Inspect the goods when they get delivered. Mistakes are unavoidable. Check the boxes to make sure they are the correct size, including the knobs, screws, etc. You might go ahead and install all of them only to find out that something is missing, or it was not of the size that you ordered.
  4. Lighting and plumbing goes before cabinet installation. Under-cabinet lighting is a lot easier and less expensive when your electrician does his work before your cabinets are installed. Same with plumbing. Dishwashers, trash compactors, refrigerators, sinks, faucets, etc. will need to be taken into account before cabinet installation. Think about whether you will need additional plumbing done – like water filters, garbage disposals – which you might have a hard time adding once your cabinets are in.
  5. Correct cabinet door direction. Ensure your cabinet doors do not interfere with anything else. Often your stove doors do not clear the cabinet after the handles are put in because a spacer was not used. Spacers provide clearance for handles. City Cabinet Center can provide you spacers with the same color and finish as your cabinets.
  6. Installing them yourself. Doing it on your own is really not a good idea. Another person can help you hasten the process, and can also verify if your measurement is accurate. He can also ensure your safety by being on a lookout for possible accidents. You will also need someone to hold the cabinet while you screw it in, or hold the ladder while you’re installing a top shelf. If an unfortunate accident happens, then someone can immediately call for help.

You need to be an experienced do-it-yourselfer if you want to install kitchen cabinets on your own. But why go through all the hassle and stress when you can hire an expert in San Diego kitchen cabinets like CITY CABINET CENTER can provide? Cabinet installation is a precision game. Nothing looks worse than an awkward kitchen because of lopsided cabinets.

Pest Proof Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

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Kitchens are often the main hub of our homes, where our families gather at the end of each day to cook a meal and spend quality time together. But what if that sacred space had some very unwelcome visitors? The type of visitors we don’t want to gather, where we store, cook and eat our food – and these visitors are pests!

The most common pests that enter our kitchens are cockroaches, mice, rats, flies and pantry pests. Once they invade, they can spread bacteria and ruin our once sacred space.



There’s no worse scene than watching a cockroach scuttle across your floor and under the fridge when you enter the room. Cockroaches spread lots of different bacteria, including salmonella. Also, their saliva, droppings and decomposing bodies create proteins that can trigger allergies, and often increase the severity of asthma symptoms.


With winter upon us, more and more of us will have our homes invaded by rodents. They can spread diseases such as salmonella, and also carry other pests with them such as ticks and fleas. Mice and rats will chew through wires, increasing the risk of home fires, and will also gnaw through wood. Once rodents have invaded your kitchen, they will quickly make a home and reproduce at lightning speed, so prevention is key.


Once a fly has identified a good food source, they will do all they can to get to it. Because of their tiny size, getting into a home through minute cracks and holes is easy for them.

Pantry Pests

Common pantry pests are beetles and ants. These types of insect gather around stored food in pantries and cupboards.

Prevention against pests

  • Immediately clean any crumbs or spillages from around your kitchen.
  • Store all leftovers and food in airtight containers.
  • Empty the bin regularly.
  • When purchasing food, check packets are sealed.
  • If you keep fresh fruit in a bowl, check it often for signs of rot and dispose of it straight outside.
  • Don’t let dirty dishes pile up, or soak in the sink for long periods of time.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your kitchen, especially near water pipes, as moisture is a big attraction for pests.

Kitchen Remodelling: How To Go About It

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In a country where we like to keep up with trends (or set trends), remodelling has become far too common, more so kitchen remodelling. There are very few houses that can claim to have stood the test of time in their original form. However, as many people know, remodelling is far too complex and getting all the pieces right can be termed as hitting gold.

At every stage – the planning; budgeting; choosing the style to implement in the kitchen remodel job and the hiring, challenges are bound to come your way. There are very few people that can attest to remodelling kitchens as being a walk in a park. On the contrary, many will loathe the memories of their remodelling experience.

In many cases, this is because they had done little regarding plans. The best way to smoothen out the experience is to have a clear guideline, which is a plan. 3

Kitchen Remodel
Planning A Kitchen Remodel

A good plan is one that account for any and every aspect of the endeavour, including;

Overall Details

This part of the planning process should feature the various reason for remodelling. Whether you want to improve the styling of the kitchen, improve efficiency or just add space to it, a purpose for the endeavour should be given. Moreover, the amount the essentials of the kitchen should be given.


This is by far the most important part of the planning process. The more comprehensive you budget the project, the less likely you are to running into financing problems. In this regard, do market research on kitchen parts that you want to have in the new kitchen, including the countertop, appliances, kitchen entertainment equipment, tiles, cabinetry and any other element. While at it, draw up a plan A and a plan B. Finally, set a budget and stick to it.

However, you should have some financial leeway for unforeseen events such as asbestos removal.


While planning for styling, you should look for a timeless style that is not only eye-catching but can also stand the test of time. Styling aspects to consider include the lighting of the kitchen, the material to be used, the layout of the kitchen, the work zone style and the kitchen décor.

Hiring Contractors

This is another important aspect of planning, whether you are working on your kitchen, basement, garage or if you are after bathroom remodel. Planning on matter of hiring a contractor involve taking time to find the best remodelling contractors (the best way being referrals), getting quotes of prospective contractors, and finding more about their operation – finding out their BBB ratings, their insurance status, their professional credential among other things

The Best Affordable Cookware Sets

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Many people enjoy giving cookware sets as gifts for newlyweds, new home buyers, college students or graduates who are moving to their first apartment. Of course, every new cookware set ends up growing old. There are plenty of consumers who are out there in need of a new cookware set and cannot hold off and wait for someone to gift them a set.

They need to find the best cookware set available now. Here are some suggestions to buying the best available sets whether you are shopping for yourself or for someone else.

In the non-stick category, you might want to invest in Swiss Diamond’s reinforced 10-piece set. The set costs about  $600, but it gets high marks in all the tests the set has undergone. It heats food evenly and clean-up is a breeze. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so it is a great value despite the high initial purchase price.

Calphalon offers its own non-stick set, called Simply Nonstick. This 10-piece set runs about  $200,  which is quite a bargain compared to Swiss Diamonds. It heats evenly and food does not stick to the surfaces. The handles stay cool to the touch, and the whole set comes with a 10-year warranty.

Many people enjoy buying so-called celebrity cookware. These are the sets that are sold under top-chef names. Your favorite food television star is bound to have a set of his or her own on the market. While you want to trust that someone as professional as Rachael Ray or Paula Deen is going to back a solid, long-lasting, set of cookware, you need to exercise caution when buying name-game sets.

For example, you can choose from either Rachael Ray or Guy Fieri and their cookware sets. Rachael’s set is about $150 for 10 pieces. It is great as far as its non-stick claims go. The handles do not get to hot, but the cooking was not exact or even every time the set was tested. Guy Fieri’s stainless steel set did a little bit better.

For $200, you can get his 10-piece cooking set. These pans heated up fast, the handle stayed cool and cooking was even. The only downside was his set of cookware was hard to clean.

Be sure whichever set you choose for yourself or someone else has rave reviews. Also, make sure you are paying for 10 pans in a set and not five pans plus the lids to equal 10 pieces.

Best Kitchen Knives – How To Pick One?

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Do you like to dance? We know this question might sound a little bit strange, especially in an article that discuss about best kitchen knives. But believe us, chef’s knife and dancing have something in common. Your main kitchen tool should be like your dancing partner- it has to suits you and to fits your hand while you are dicing, slicing or mincing. This also means that you should have to forget about the perfect knife- the knife that would be perfect for all people. It is all individual and choice depends on many personal preferences. So, take a time when choosing and do not rely on ratings and “objective” reviews too much because even the best- rated one can be totally inappropriate for you and your work. As we said in the beginning, it is very similar with choosing ideal dancing partner. It takes time, experience and exercise. Do not immediately reach for the most attractive girl on the floor.

best kitchen knives

  • Probably the most effective way of picking the right one is to try it. Go to the shop and take them in the hand, one by one. If there is an option, try to test them on the spot and compare only models that you find the most appropriate.

  • Talk a little bit with salesmen and ask him anything you want to know about models you just have picked. Of course, it would be fantastic if you already know some basic information about each particular brand or model. If you get impression that salesman just want to sell you the most expensive model or just do not listen what you have to say, go out and find some other store.

  • One of the most common mistakes that people do when choosing their best kitchen knife is that they are focused only on a price. Do not make the same mistake and try to focus on your sense and feelings, not price. As we said in the beginning, even the best possible knife (the most expensive) can easily turn into a disaster. So, focus more on your personal preference than on commercial and promotional materials.

  • At the end, you must know what you want and for what you are planning to use your new “tool”. This is very important when it comes to choosing the best kitchen knives.

After this mini- testing phase, you can enjoy in your new sharp toy the same way as you would with your perfect dancing partner. Of course, if you want to show your talent on the floor, leave your knife in the kitchen.