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Is Home Staging Really a New Trend?

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HGTV TV network is gaining more and more popularity, and it is now among the top 10 cable networks in prime time for ages 25 to 54, according to tvbythenumbers. Its shows are changing the way we buy, sell and remodel our homes.

When the network started, as Home and Garden Television, the idea was to teach us how to do remodeling and gardening around our homes. Today, this job was passed down to its sister station, the DIY channel. The primary network became the stage for reality TV and star shows, just like the Food Network and its sister, the Cocking Channel.

Their prime time shows, like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and Love it or List it, are giving home buyers new ideas of what to look for when buying or selling a home.

One of the things that caught the attention of many people is home staging. Home staging is when you decorate or even remodel a home just for a house showing or an open house, with the sole intention of making the place more attractive to perspective buyers.


But home staging might not be as easy to achieve as one would think for the average $300,000 to $500,000 house:

  • Professional home staging companies are fairly expensive to hire. When a homeowner needs to sell a home, usually it means that he or she needs all the cash right now. In other words, the average homeowner will not spend more money to make the house look pretty.
  • If a house needs more TLC, like painting and flooring repair, just staging the place won’t do much good. Again, the average homeowner will not spend money in repairs and remodeling before trying to sell a house.

But what many people don’t realize is the fact that a properly staged home will sell faster and will sell for more money. Some studies suggest that it can sell for up to 17% more. So, it is worth it.

A home seller could try to stage the house without professional help. But, unless the seller has a very good interior decorator skill, it will be very difficult to see pass the issues, once we tend to get so used to our place that we will no longer see any defects or problems.

Most of us have seen other TV shows like Million Dollars Listings, where realtors stage the houses themselves and pay for it out of their own pocket. They know that they will sell faster and make a higher commission when a house is properly staged.

This trend is beginning to catch up in middle priced homes. There is a realtor in South Florida who will stage properties and spend up to $1,000 of her own money in her listings over $300,000. She’ll lend furniture and will also do minor TLC work herself, like installing wallpaper, doing paintwork, re-arranging furniture and artwork. All at no cost to the home seller.

The more specialized TV shows become, the more demanding the public will be. Thus, we all have to adapt to new realities and try to always provide a more sophisticated level of service. The difficult task is adapting what we see in multi million dollar homes to the average American reality.

Home staging is a very real trend and is here to stay. It has become the new norm in this ever-changing market.

An Introduction To Calgary Houses For Sale

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In case you are planning to move to Calgary or making an investment in its real estate market, I have a couple of tips to give regarding the houses for sale available there.

Among the most sought properties are those along the Bow River. The houses located there have been built a long time ago, which makes them to be an exclusive and expensive real estate option.

Penthouses in downtown can be put in the same category. Many apartment buildings are available there and almost all of them have large, luxurious penthouses where prosperous resident of Calgary live. They have a beautiful view on the Bow River and the surrounding area, which is just another reason why the homes located here are so expensive.


NW has a lot of suburban properties where many young professionals are located. They choose this location as it is close to downtown and because it is perfect for raising a family. Comfortable and safe neighborhood is what Bearspaw and Rocky Ridge are all about and you won’t go wrong if you choose a home here.

Another quite popular area is Altadore, where many luxurious homes can be found. This area gained a lot of attention in the recent years as the quality of life is high, downtown is near, beautiful parks and playgrounds are in the vicinity and everything else you need is close as well. Altadore houses for sale are very sought after, even though they have high prices. But this can be expected as there are a lot of luxurious condos and flats being offered here. Many of them are being built, but they are sold quite quickly.

Basically, this was a short introduction to what Calgary has to offer when it comes to real estate. It’s up to you to choose the residential area you like the most and find an appropriate home there.

Housing Options Matching Your Requirements Found Easily On Real Estate Platforms

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Lucknow is a decently big city. The energetic lifestyle of the city invited various national and multinational companies to the city. Consequently, thing started to change considerably for Lucknow. The inclusion of various national and multinational companies in the city increased job opportunities and the population of the city. Consequently, the housing options in the city have also gained demand. Furthermore, the real estate prices in the city also started to soar high. Things changed and Lucknow became a popular city with high real estate prices. The recent commotion in the real estate market has also increased real estate prices in the nation. Lucknow, being a popular city, real estate prices also soared high in the city. Bigger housing options became beyond reach. People started to look for decent real estate in Lucknow.


With the increase in the real estate prices in Lucknow, there has been severe competition in the real estate world. The competition just entered the next phase of becoming cutthroat from severe. Property investors and real estate seekers started to look for smaller housing options rather than investing in bigger housing options. People started looking for homes, flats and apartments in the city. However, the question to ponder upon is how to search for sought-after real estate before your competitors in the property market.

Real estate platforms – Answer to your Entire Property Needs

Among an array of real estate websites functioning online, you have to search for the one ideal to your requirements. The website enables you to search and locate your desired real estate within a few clicks on the mouse. The property platform would answer all your real estate concerns in the best manner possible. You have to register online using your email account and start looking for desired real estate Lucknow online. Looking for property online has been made easy with a plethora of real estate platforms operating online.

Real estate platforms offer you additional features such as mobile application and map navigation feature. These features would enable you to look for desired real estate in the heart of Lucknow quick and easy. Real estate platforms offer you convenience of search, as you could look for desirable housing options from the comfort of your home. You require a laptop and internet access to gain various housing options available near you. Real estate platforms would cater the user with best housing options available in the city that matches your requirements and budget.

Property in Mumbai – Finding through a Result-Oriented Portal

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The real estate portals have taken the place of print media to a great extent. These days, you just need to open your laptop and connect to the internet. In the web world, numerous sites are present helping people find any piece of information within a few clicks. Now, the world is at your fingertips because you can shop around, make reservations and even find homes. You don’t have to go anywhere in search of the information. is one of the platforms, which can support you in property hunting in the best possible manner. It has been observed that people contact agents who take a lot of time to find the suitable properties for their clients. Moreover, they also ask for consultation fees from them for their living. In order to save time and penny, it is highly recommended to create account on

property A hassle-free property hunting

By connecting to, you will be able to make a great difference in property hunting. You can view all the available properties within a matter of some time. You don’t have to waste your time to find the properties through real estate agents. The site can give you results in no time based on your inputs. The search option of the site is so advanced that you can choose the property in Mumbai as per your needs and budget.

All the fields are clearly mentioned on the site. You just need to select them and a lot of properties will be displayed on the screen. If you want to become familiar with the details, you just need to click on any of the properties. This way, you can check the distance from the center of the city for various properties so that you can compare them with one another.

Mobile application- Get Link

The mobile application of can cater to your housing needs in a better manner. To get the mobile app on your smartphone, you need to click on ‘Get Link’ after entering your mobile number. You will get a link on your mobile phone to download and install. After doing that, you can enjoy browsing a number of flats and homes. It makes the entire procedure of property hunting much simpler and easier than ever before. You can successfully find a home in Mumbai by entering the right options on Enjoy finding your dream home through the website and mobile application like never before.

How to Decide If a Home Is Right for You

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There are just a few crossroad moments in life but what we choose then can have tremendous lifelong effects. When it comes to meaningfulness none is more so than purchasing your family’s first home (well, maybe second to choosing if/when to become parents). This most significant of purchases may prove to be one of your most inspired decisions OR one of your biggest mistakes. Should you go for stylish London or rustic Essex? Should you opt for a shiny, new home or a used home but with some history behind it? Should you get a house that’s closer to the shopping centers or somewhere in the suburbs, where it’s quieter? It all comes down to one thing: (no, not luck!) research. If you’re like me then you enjoy being spontaneous and going with the tide but, trust me, this is not one of those situations where that strategy is even an option. I decided to put together a few pointers which I hope you’ll find helpful.

essex home

  1. Talk to your spouse

I simply cannot stress enough how crucial this step is. But I will give it a shot. First and foremost, when it comes to taste, likes or dislikes people, even if married for 50+ years, are rarely on the same page. Ask your spouse to describe his/her dream home to you. Then do the same yourself. If most of the aspects concur then you’ve struck gold. If not, find your common ground and aim to fulfill it. Attention: always leave some room for debate and be ready to make adjustments if need be.

  1. See what the Web says

What I mean by this is take your time and discover the price range you are looking at, giving your agreed outcome (see 1.). Also, keep an eye on housing prices in different counties. For instance, if you find that the prices are a little out of range in Essex you could try searching similar homes in Yorkshire (is usually cheaper).

  1. Hire a realtor

Do yourself a favor and hire someone who knows all about the best properties in the region. You don’t have to pay anything for the services and you’ll have someone on your side to help you.

  1. Find respected builders in the area (skip this if buying used home)

Once you’ve decided it’s time to research available builders, the services they provide and the fees for which they provide them. Moreover, ask around for reputed tradesmen then pick 2-3 solid options. If you live in Essex, it’s great, as you’ll be able to find many professional builders in Essex area.

  1. Meet the community

I intentionally left this one for last, so that it will remain with you longer. Think about it, you and your spouse will be living inside that community for a long time. Furthermore, your children will grow up in that community. You wouldn’t want yourselves to feel out of place, would you? Get to know the people, find what their beliefs and principles are. And trust your instincts. The community will also recommend the best building contractors to work with.

I honestly hope I’ve managed to be insightful (I tried) and, hopefully, make your decision a little bit easier. Until next time…