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Kids Room Tree Wall Decals

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In terms of creative decorating ideas, have you considered kids wall decals? If you haven’t looked into things like tree wall decals or nursery wall decals, you may want to change that. A removable wall decal can express a number of exciting ideas. At the same time, there are decals available for an assortment of ages. This means that you can find something wonderful for your infant child, as easily as you can find something for someone of toddler age, or perhaps even just a bit older than that.

Kids room tree wall decals can feature animals and trees, or just the trees themselves. With so many different sizes and styles to choose from, it should be easy enough to find kids wall decals that are perfect for what you want to express. Whether you are shopping for nursery wall decals, or if you want a removable wall decal that can perhaps appeal to a child who is a little bit older, you are going to love the sheer volume of choices that are available to you.

kids wall room decal

As already mentioned, these tree wall decals can cover a wide range of tastes and styles. If you want something intricate and understated, you can find kids wall decals that are perfect to that end. If you want bright, cartoonish trees and animals, you’re going to love the different possibilities within nursery wall decals. One of the most exciting things about a removable wall decal is that almost anyone can find what they are looking for.

Even better, these decals come with the benefit of being extremely easy to set up, very easy to take down, and pretty affordable on top of things. You can use one decal, or combine several to create something unique and absolutely breathtaking. Tree wall decals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it isn’t going to be much of a challenge to shop amongst kids wall decals, and come up with something that just doesn’t exist anywhere else. You can accomplish this with nursery wall decals, but you can really apply this thought to any age group. You may even want to combine a removable wall decal with a quotes wall sticker or two. You are going to find that there are a lot of possibilities to enjoy. Find out what you can accomplish on a budget. All you need is a little bit of creativity to help get you started.

Decorate A Nursery With Wall Stickers

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Every room in our home is important to us, but baby room is the most precious of them all. It’s special place that holds a happy, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. It’s we who have to make it special for our kid to grow in the right kind of environment. And being creative about it helps greatly when we are decorating the nursery. One things that will help us decorate this room are wall stickers.

Whenever you are running out of ideas or are looking to decorate the nursery quickly, you should turn to wall stickers. These pre-designed decorative pieces are quite affordable and will help you build a unique room for your baby. You can enhance the entire room with a few wall stickers and create a theme that your kid will love. And whenever you want to change something in the room (or the entire room), it will be easy to remove the stickers.

nursery wall stickers
I don’t think that any other approach gives you so much flexibility as wall stickers do. You can create any kind of atmosphere quickly, adjust it as necessary and then remove all stickers and replace them with new ones with ease. The best of all – it won’t cost you a fortune! If you are a DIY person, you can paint a nursery and then use the appropriate stickers. The paint you use will go well with specific types of stickers and it’s easy to create an interesting, glamorous room if you invest some time into this!

Nursery wall decor with stickers is the best way to go as you can stick these decorative pieces on walls, tiles, doors, lampshades and anything else you have in the room. If you dedicate some time to this, you can plan a great theme and use various wall stickers to create a wonderful story in your baby’s room. There are hundreds of different stickers to choose from and I’m sure you’ll get creative as soon as you see what kind of options you have. And don’t worry about breaking the bank, these stickers are very affordable!

Great Storage Solutions For The Home

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We are all desperately trying to make the most of the space we have as mortgage and rental prices creep up. Here we look at simple ways to make the most of the space you have.

As so many countries becomes more and more heavily populated, wages become more squeezed and property prices rise, space is becoming quite the luxury for all of us. Many of us are being forced to make the most of the space we have, in order to make every square foot give us a return on our mortgages and rental prices. New homes in many places are being built smaller than ever with 3-bedroom homes now occupying the same square-footage that a 2-bedroom house would have done 2 decades ago.

So how can we deal with this lack of space?

Clearing your home of all the accumulated junk is the first step to creating more space, putting rubbish in the bin, donating usable items to charity shops and storing any collectables or ‘future furniture’ into units at somewhere like self storage bedford. However, there are also plenty of other ways to utilise the space in your home.

storage solutions

Here are some great storage solutions for the home:

Use Wooden Crates & Pallets

Wooden crates are all over Pinterest, but not in their raw form. You can find wooden crate tables, wine racks, shoe racks and even wood stores – they have so many uses. Because they are so raw in their appearance, they actually look very cool as they are, but are also easily varnished or paintable because the wood is untreated.

Use The Space Under Your Stairs

The space under the stairs is often neglected, used as a place to chuck the hoover and various bits and bobs which never see the light of day. If you’re a Harry Potter fan you will know just how much potential the space under the stairs could have! Perhaps it might be a little tight as a bedroom, but it could easily make a little working area, mini library or even a larder if you wanted it to. It’s an extra bit of space that shouldn’t be neglected, so put the unused contents of it into self storage units and get creative!

Storage You Can’t See

It’s always easy to look around for storage solutions, forgetting the areas you can’t see. In some rooms, it may be appropriate for you to create a raised platform, which will in turn provide you with additional storage. Perhaps a raised platform for your dining area, or for your bed – the options are actually endless once you start looking. It’s a very simple amendment to be made, and one that can be applied to lots of areas. Perhaps you have beamed areas that could provide storage for large items in the garage like surf boards or canoes – surprisingly attractive and interesting decorations. Don’t just look in the places you can see for storage and you’ll find there are a lot more options than you previously realised.


Shelves have previously been thought of as rather dull, straight storage additions that often end up storing ornaments and other items that aren’t of use. Many shelving companies have now realised that many people don’t have rooms that are completely square and straight, and that many people want shelves in various different areas of the home where you wouldn’t expect a shelf. Bespoke shelving units could be really useful if you want curved shapes or contemporary units that look beautiful and serve a purpose. Perhaps you have a loft conversion that has an odd shaped corner, or you want a shelf that snakes up the wall in a chic and attractive way – the options out there are endless, and often a little look online for inspiration will leave you pretty astounded at what’s available.

storage for home

Self Storage Units

If your home is absolutely full of items you know you want to keep, but simply aren’t useful at the moment, it could be worth extending your home to include self storage units. The sizes can vary from a large lockup to a small locker depending on the facility, so even if it’s just some boxes of paperwork you need to sort at a later date, there’s a place for it in cheap self storage units. Making more space in your home could just be as simple as giving it a clearout.

How to Get Serious About Home Safety

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Creating a safe and comfortable home is a top priority for many homeowners. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or you’ve lived in the same place for decades, there are a number of simple things you can do to make your home a safer place for your family. A simple assessment of your property can reveal some hidden dangers which can be fixed quickly and easily. Here are five things you can do if you are interested in getting serious about home safety.

Look for fall hazards

Take some time to look around your home for potential fall hazards. Chances are there are probably certain places where clutter has accumulated, or rugs and wires have loosened over time. Go room to room in search of areas where it might be easy to trip over something and get hurt. Clean up clutter, secure loose rugs, and tuck wires behind or underneath furniture to prevent any accidents.

Store medications and chemicals properly

Do you have small children or grandchildren? If so, it’s important to take a look at how you’re storing your medications and household cleaners. Are they all in locked cabinets which cannot be opened by curious kids? Consider purchasing some cabinet locks from your nearest home improvement store in order to keep these things more secure and protect your little loved ones.

home safety

Install reinforcements

Do you have sliding doors which lead out to a deck or patio in your home? Do your windows have a mechanism which prevents them from opening all the way? Take a look at your windows and doors and consider adding some reinforcements as burglary deterrents. A simple fix is to cut up a piece of lumber to put into your sliding doors and window frames in order to prevent potential break-ins. This can give you added peace of mind when you go away on vacation or when your children are home alone.

Regularly test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

When is the last time you tested out your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms? Has it been a while? Some of today’s devices have a built-in alert that tells you when the battery is running low, but it is a good idea to test them regularly regardless. If you live in a state where daylight savings time is observed, consider testing each alarm when you change the clocks.

Add a home security system

If you are interested in more comprehensive protection and additional peace of mind, you may want to think about installing a home security system. Today’s alarm systems can quickly alert your local police and fire departments if there are any issues in your home. The comfort and protection that a home security system provides is worth its weight in gold.

If you are interested in getting serious about home safety, there are a number of simple changes that you can make in order to make your home a more secure place. Consider looking around for potential hazards, storing medications and chemicals in locked cabinets, reinforcing doors and windows, testing out smoke alarms regularly, and adding a home security system. These simple steps will help keep your family safe.

Housewarming Gift Ideas: Stay Clear of the Steak Knives

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There is only one and only one situation when buying steak knives as a home warming gift is socially acceptable: it is not when your friends ask you for some knives – it is when your friends practically beg you for a set of knives. Since this is a very unlikely scenario to ever happen, it is best that you avoid the extreme urge to go and buy this set as a gift and figure out something better, less cliché and far more suitable for your friends that have moved to a new place. Here are some of the very interesting ideas on how to do this.

Nicely Packed Seeds

Figure out just how much a green thumb your friend has. You don’t want to give them something that will cause them more stress than joy. According to that, pick out some of the plant seeds and pack them in beautiful bags, label them with hand written labels, preferably including your drawing of the flower and the Latin name, make them into a set and turn them into a very thoughtful gift. Even if your friend doesn’t decide to plant them eventually, they will still make a nice and decorative gift.

nicely packed seeds

Bottle Opener

Save your friend from the most annoying thing in the world – having a nice bottle of beer or wine that you are craving to open, only to discover that you don’t have the appropriate tools. This bottle opener needs to be really nice, so don’t go for the cheap and weak options. Find a nicely designed and really high quality opener that can open all sorts of bottles and has wine opener as well. Soon enough, this will become the favorite item in the kitchen. While, this is not a gift that has DIY potential, it is definitely one of the gems of new home giftware for you to choose from when picking the best thing to get for your friend.

Coffee Set

Nobody should face the horror of surviving the moving into the new home without caffeine. More preferably, the caffeine that comes from the perfect blend of coffee. Since, moving is a really big work, finding nice coffee is not at the top of the priority list of the people doing the moving. However, that is why those people have nice friends. Make a small basket full of all the ‘coffee stuff’ including different types, blends and brands, two cool cups, a muffin or two that go well with coffee or a small chocolate bar. Compile the coffee set in a way that it only takes boiled water for it to work and you’ll have a great gift for your friend who needs their coffee and a break from moving.

coffee set gift

Meal in a Jar

Another thing that a lot of people forget when they move is the first meal. Most probably, they will spend the entire day cleaning, organizing, packing, unpacking and they will not be done until really late into the night. Moreover, they will not be done even then, but the basic stuff will be unpacked. A good idea is to put everything that is needed for a quick and nice dinner in a big jar and allow your friends to have at least one home-prepared meal while they are working so hard. It will be convenient and it will be very welcomed and remembered as a great gift and a lovely sign of care.

All these gifts will show your friends that you care about them and their new home. It will show your thoughtfulness and at the same time, it will show that you really know how to design a good gift. Therefore, think this through and start organizing the best home warming gift ever. It will definitely make you and your friends smile and enjoy the whole moving thing that can be quite a chore.