How to Keep Foxes and Rats Out of Your Shed


Sometimes we invest a lot of money in our garden sheds, and to many it can be their pride and joy. They really can become an extension of our homes, and this is why we should aim to keep sheds pest free.

Pests can easily make their way into your shed, quickly turning into an infestation with significant impacts. They can destroy your possessions, and even affect your health.

Rats are always on the move, and the damage rats can cause is very costly to fix. Foxes carry serious illnesses, like salmonella, and also carry other pests like fleas and ticks. They will become attracted to your shed as a place to get food and water, and also as a shelter.

garden shed

So how do we prevent them from entering or coming near our sheds?

  1. Inspect the doors, windows and roof of the shed regularly. Blocking off any openings will massively decrease the chances of the pests moving in.
  2. Remove their food source. If you keep pet food or even plant seeds in the shed, make sure it’s always sealed and hidden from pests. Without food, the shed will seem a lot less inviting.
  3. Keep it clean. Removing unnecessary clutter from in and around the shed. This will reduce the number of places rats and foxes can hide, making it an undesirable home for them.
  4. When storing boxes and containers, keep them off the floor and away from the walls. A nice cardboard box could be a really cosy home for a fox, so closing them all and sealing them can prevent pests from getting in.
  5. Have your home regularly checked by the professionals. Experts can offer some great pest proofing advice, often for free. If you have signs of rats in your shed, it’s only a short distance to the house!
  6. Consider a shed that’s attached to the house. If you have the room, some sheds come without a back panel that enables you to put it up against the wall of the house. This is much easier for checking on any pest problems.
  7. Fox proof the garden. Using things like chicken wire to cover any gaps in the fence or the gate will deter foxes from entering your garden in the first place.

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