How to Prevent Rust on Your Patio Furniture and Grills

Rust can damage most of your valuables from barbecues and patio furniture to your lawn and garden tools, rain gutters, steel window, downspouts and handrails. Apart from the fact that rust looks ugly, leaving it on your valuables will result to more damage.

For instance, rain gutters with rusted joints can cause leakage and water will run on the wood trim at roofline or along the wood siding thus resulting to costly damage due to rotting. Having rusts is also a safety concern such as when it affects the screw on your handrail or a leg of your garden chair, which may lead to a guest’s nasty fall. Outdoor power tools when rust-savaged can predispose their operator to danger. A rusted bolt may become a projectile and could hurt you or anyone who is in the vicinity.

The two most common types of finishes to protect the surface of metals are paint and oil, which are effective in preventing the damage coming from oxygen and water.

High quality primers are necessary to begin an excellent paint job. This means that you should use a metal-specific primer. Paints also contain pigments like iron oxide and zinc that when used would make them efficient because they adhere to the metal more effectively. No matter what primer you are going to use, you should select a topcoat compatible to the primer. Generally, oil based paints are compatible with oil based primers. It is best to use this tandem because it offers the excellent protection against weather and abrasion.

However, there is an exception to the oil-based tandem rule. With this in mind, it is best to consider the layout of downspouts and gutters. Certain flaws like joints and dents are best covered by acrylic, water-based coat which result to a low sheen. In addition, gutters and downspouts are generally not easy to gain access to so oil-based paint are not required.

Equipment like fireplaces, heaters, furnaces, grills and wood or coal stoves produce heat that goes beyond 200 degrees. It is important that they are coated with high-heat resisting enamel paint designed specifically to finish items that become too hot. Be aware that most paints produce harmless odor especially the first time they are subjected to heat.

Ideally, only a high quality primer and oil-based coat are necessary. You can use roller, paint pad, sprayer or brush to apply the primer and finishing coat.

If you are going to use a brush, make sure that it is a natural-bristle brush. Those synthetically designed brushes such as the ones that are made from polyester or nylon work best with latex paints but they are too stiff when used for oil-based coats. This often leaves brush marks and loose bristles on the finished product.

There are a number of advantages when you use spray paints that have the canned aerosol spray paint or DIY spray rig. This method of painting is great for intricate details and often leaves a smoother finish. However, you need to practice the necessary precaution when using spray paints including:

  • Using protective gear like respirator and eye protector. Do not use the spray paint when there is sparks and flames can ignite the flammable vapors.

  • Cover the surroundings with canvas, plastic or paper to prevent overspray damage. You should never do a spray paint job during windy days unless you want your neighbor’s car to get painted as well.

  • If you utilize the spray rig, you should consider using a tip that complements the paint so you can prevent too much paint application. There are various sizes for tips depending on the kind of paint used like water based, oil based and lacquer, just to name a few.

  • Do apply a number of thin coats to avoid paint runs instead of using one heavy coat.

Preventing metal surfaces from getting rusty using paint is effective. But if the paint gets scratched and chipped, it will oxidize over time and its components that acts as rust barrier weaken. Eventually, the metal surface will get in touch with moisture thus resulting to rusting. If you want to lengthen the efficiency of paint jobs and your metal equipment, regularly check chipped and scratched areas on your paint and do a retouch.

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