Why Prefer a Custom Glass Shower Door?

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Are you considering custom shower stalls for your bathroom? You have many options when looking for custom shower doors. You may find that you need to specially order shower doors because you can’t find the right shower door for your bathroom. Here are a few reasons why you may want a custom glass shower door over the ones you find in the market.

Unique Situation

In some cases, custom shower stalls are recommended over regular shower stalls because you have a unique situation. You may want something that you just can’t find in the regular market and you want your bathroom to have a unique design. In this case, you need a professional that can design a custom shower door for your bathroom and install the right shower stall for your needs. A professional can come in and have a look at your bathroom and then provide you with several options. Most contractors will have special order shower doors that they can get for you so you have something that meets your current needs.

Different Measurements

Your bathroom may have some unique measurements that a regular glass shower stall won’t conform to. You may need to have some custom glass cut to fit your area so that everything fits. A contractor can cut the glass to meet individual needs so you have something that looks attractive and fits in the space you have. The custom glass work in many cases can look at lot neater and professional, than a regular setup would.

More Options

When looking for custom shower doors that are frameless, you have a lot more options to draw upon. A contractor can come up with many different designs and styles for you to choose from so you can pick something that works for you. If you need a unique shape, the contractor can design it for you or send away for special order shower doors to meet your needs. You can have doors that have those unique shapes that you want to compliment the look and feel of your bathroom. For example, you can have frameless steam enclosures, neo-angle enclosures, right-angle encloses and many more options available to you when you have custom work done. You can also pick different glass options such as frosted, colored, or ones with a pattern that might not be available at your local store.

More Control Over Everything

When you go for a custom shower door, you have more control over the entire process. You can pick all the options you need and work with the professional to find something that is unique. You won’t be stressed out because you’ll have a lot more options to choose from and would find just the right shower door.


In many cases, you’ll find that custom shower stalls are going to be a better option when you remodel your bathroom. You can hire a professional to ensure that everything fit the right way and that you find just the right shower stall for your needs and within your budget.

How To Resurface Your Concrete Driveway So It Lasts Longer?

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Resurface Your Concrete Driveway

Over time, concrete driveways tend to develop potholes and cracks. Out of all the options that are available, it is often the most cost-effective and sensible to resurface a driveway’s damaged sections. Resurfacing is a solid home improvement option that can save you a lot of money, improve the landscape’s visual appeal and take less time when compared with other methods that are available.

Steps for resurfacing concrete driveways

When a concrete driveway is compared to a gravel driveway, it appears that although a concrete drive can last for approximately 20 to 30 years, gravel driveways can last up to 100 years and require only a minimum amount of maintenance. However, concrete is still the preferred option, especially if you choose the right contractor to do your driveway.

These days it is a very common sight to see your driveway, which not that long ago was a beautiful, smooth concrete drive, now be wrecked, potholed and cracked. It is definitely not a sight that you want to see. Atmospheric factors, rain and extreme temperatures subject concrete driveways to a great deal of wear and tear.

To begin with, there is the option for you to reconstruct your whole driveway. However, that will be very expensive. You can instead repair only the damaged parts of your driveway, and save yourself a lot of money in the process. That is definitely a better options. Resurfacing or repairing your concrete driveway will potentially save you as much as 50% of the total cost for entirely reconstructing your driveway.

Resurface Your Concrete Driveway

Repairing Your Concrete Driveway

The first step in your repairing process is to thoroughly clean the concrete surface. If necessary, use a firm brush to sweep the area. After you are done sweeping, use a strong hose that has enough water pressure and then spray water into the holes and cracks to loosen debris and get rid of all of the dirt and dust.

After you sweep and spray clean, you then need to repair whatever cracks have developed. You need to prime the cracks and then use elastomeric repair material to fill them. The cracks can then be further reinforced with fabric and an elastomeric base coat can be applied over the cracked area. Multiple polymer concrete patches then need to be laid onto the cracked surface. The patches are then ground in order to make them smooth and also level with the surface surrounding them.

Resurfacing A Concrete Driveway

A granule broadcast and prime coat are evenly applied over the whole area that needs to be resurfaced. Then a texture coat gets applied to the whole area. To achieve this, first ultra surface polymer concrete gets prepared according to the directions that are listed on the package. Then a special kind of spray gun is used to evenly spray it onto the concrete surface.

After you have finished the resurfacing process, it is critical to ensure that the layers are properly evened out. Therefore, it is necessary to use a trowel to level and smooth the surface. Be sure to wear footwear and hand gloves while doing this so you don’t end up stuck to the concrete.

If you would like to have a colored driveway, during the resurfacing process you can apply a color coat onto the surface. Then applying a seal coat layer and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Remember that your driveway should not be made accessible to cars for 2 to 3 days after it has completely dried. Before you plan to resurface your driveway, consider the weather conditions first. Suitable conditions for resurfacing your driveway include a damp surface and 70 degrees F. In cold weather, the curing process will take longer. When the weather it hot, you will need to dampen the surface regularly in order to slow the process down.

It can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task to resurface your concrete driveway. If you think it is beyond what your limits are, it is always possible to hire a professional concrete contractor to complete the job instead.


Spring Home Remodel Ideas

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open floor plans

Obviously, spring is the best season for a remodel – the weather isn’t freezing, boiling or as moist as it is during the fall. The spring home remodel, however, is somewhat special – it is inspired by new beginnings, nature and fresh air. Like any type of a home remodel, it requires planning and, even more importantly, ideas, which is exactly the point of these article. Here are some interesting ones to consider.

Storing away Wintertime Items

Immediately following the winter, spring still irradiates a whiff of that cold feel – mostly owing to all the items, such as winter clothing, boots and scarves. Before tackling any type of a remodel, you’ll need to get yourself a spring atmosphere in your home and you can’t do this with all those wintery stuff lying around.

winter clothes


Decluttering is a common part of any type of a remodel; without getting rid of clutter, you can’t really begin remodeling at all. There is a certain thing with cluttering that might be an issue here – there is a reason for your home being cluttered (if it is, at all). You see, in order to get rid of this clutter, all you need to do is, well, get rid of all the things that you don’t need, and this is exactly where that little hoarder that dwells in the back of the mind of each and every one of us kicks in! The key to decluttering is realizing that you don’t need all that stuff that you haven’t used in years, except for objects with emotional value (no, you can’t be sentimental about every single object in your home). Simply throw away the items you don’t need!

An Accent Wall

You’re probably already planning on repainting your walls, which is completely fine, but have you ever thought about having an accent wall? The whole point here is making a single wall stick out, either by painting it in a different color, or by using decorations, such as murals, posters and framed pictures. You can match your new furniture with the accent wall, this is a valid decorative option.

Open-Floor Plans

Popular and convenient, open-floor plans are basically three rooms tied into a single common one. It is important, however, that the living room, the dining room and the kitchenette are properly defined and separated. One of the main perks of open-floor plans is the fact that they are, well, open in terms of air, which is why browsing through Air Purifier Ratings for one is almost obligatory, especially seeing as how you’re doing a spring remodel.

open floor plans


Speaking of spring, what better way to compliment your home than by refreshing your yard? You can turn it into a garden (if you haven’t already), but make sure that you pick your plants in accordance with the gardening zone of your location; you can’t really grow cacti in Seattle, regardless of the season.

These ideas and preparations will hopefully get you going with your spring remodel. Planning for everything properly is the key here, if you want a completely refreshed home!

Top Outdoor Living Trends for 2017

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contemporary lighting

One of the greatest perks of owning a house is having a backyard as well. Not only does it provide you with the space to relax, but it’s also a great way to practice your landscaping and decorating skills. Just like in interior design, experts set the trends for each year for outdoor living, too, so here are some of the best ones for the upcoming year.

Outdoor living spaces

For a while now, the lines between indoor and outdoor design have been blurry, but in 2017, they’re about to be erased. Namely, furnishing your garden with living room items is the hottest trend right now, resulting in the creation of contemporary outdoor living spaces. Upholstered sofa and chairs along with an actual fireplace are becoming common for the outdoors and it makes perfect sense when you think about it – why not bring the comfort of your living room outdoors and add some fresh air to the equation? Invest in a good outdoor structure to protect your furniture from severe weather conditions and just relax.



It’s only natural to choose the plants native to your area for your backyard garden, but landscape experts took it to another level for the year to come. Namely, they claim you should opt for endemic species, native to a particular ecosystem to make it as local as possible. This is part of a trend that celebrates regionalism and it applies to building materials as well – garden designers are using rocks that are locally sourced to build items needed for decorating the outdoors. It’s a lovely idea since it’s as environmentally friendly as possible – it lowers the carbon footprint and supports your local ecosystem.

Natural materials

In addition to hyperlocalism, preferring the natural materials in outdoor design is another way to get closer to Mother Nature. From building materials to floors to upholstery fabrics – everything must be all natural. So, if you’re thinking of redecorating, head to the fabric store and opt for cotton, velvet, linen, or wool to refresh your outdoor furniture. In addition, woven is a must-have organic element in your garden and there’s a good reason behind it – it’s timeless, durable and versatile enough to fit easily into any style.

Contemporary lighting

As we already mentioned, the line between indoor and outdoor is slowly disappearing as you can see from the outdoor lighting trends for the year 2017. Floor lamps, like those you could see in living rooms, are a big hit for lighting the patio. They are somewhat bigger and made to be more durable but, just like indoor lamps, they can be used as a focused light or to create a romantic ambience. Another trend in lighting is affordability – that’s why LED lights are a must. They last longer than standard bulbs and they are far more practical.

contemporary lighting


Sustainable landscaping is one of the smartest trends for the future since it’s responsive to the environment and can contribute to the development of healthy communities. For example, residential green roofs and green walls can reduce energy waste and improve the insulation of your house, not to mention how trendy it might look. Besides, it’s a great solution for tiny backyards – vertical gardens don’t take up too much space but they can clean your air and provide fresh ingredients for your meals. Therefore, it’s a real win-win situation.

As you can see, there’s a trendy option for everyone, regardless of the style you prefer. Choose what you like and start planning your renovation – improving your backyard and making it cosier is always a good investment.



Pest Proof Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

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Kitchens are often the main hub of our homes, where our families gather at the end of each day to cook a meal and spend quality time together. But what if that sacred space had some very unwelcome visitors? The type of visitors we don’t want to gather, where we store, cook and eat our food – and these visitors are pests!

The most common pests that enter our kitchens are cockroaches, mice, rats, flies and pantry pests. Once they invade, they can spread bacteria and ruin our once sacred space.



There’s no worse scene than watching a cockroach scuttle across your floor and under the fridge when you enter the room. Cockroaches spread lots of different bacteria, including salmonella. Also, their saliva, droppings and decomposing bodies create proteins that can trigger allergies, and often increase the severity of asthma symptoms.


With winter upon us, more and more of us will have our homes invaded by rodents. They can spread diseases such as salmonella, and also carry other pests with them such as ticks and fleas. Mice and rats will chew through wires, increasing the risk of home fires, and will also gnaw through wood. Once rodents have invaded your kitchen, they will quickly make a home and reproduce at lightning speed, so prevention is key.


Once a fly has identified a good food source, they will do all they can to get to it. Because of their tiny size, getting into a home through minute cracks and holes is easy for them.

Pantry Pests

Common pantry pests are beetles and ants. These types of insect gather around stored food in pantries and cupboards.

Prevention against pests

  • Immediately clean any crumbs or spillages from around your kitchen.
  • Store all leftovers and food in airtight containers.
  • Empty the bin regularly.
  • When purchasing food, check packets are sealed.
  • If you keep fresh fruit in a bowl, check it often for signs of rot and dispose of it straight outside.
  • Don’t let dirty dishes pile up, or soak in the sink for long periods of time.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your kitchen, especially near water pipes, as moisture is a big attraction for pests.