Pest Control: 5 Tips for Avoiding an Infestation

Pest problems are a common complaint of homeowners. For most property owners, the occasional pest issue is inevitable. But usually major infestations can be prevented by taking proactive steps to protect your home. Whether you currently have a problem with pests or you’re simply concerned about potential issues in the future, there are a number of things you can do to keep rodents and bugs away. Here are five tips for avoiding an infestation.

Close up Small Cracks and Holes
Pests are known to sneak into homes through small cracks or holes in foundations. To help prevent an infestation, inspect the exterior of your home regularly for any possible entry points. If you notice a few cracks in your foundation, be sure to seal them quickly and search for any signs of pests. It’s also a good idea to schedule regular appointments with a professional exterminator to spray the exterior of your property. Doing so can prevent bugs and small rodents from making their way inside your home.


Update your Storage
Ants and bugs are always on the lookout for open food, including things you wouldn’t typically consider like bags of sugar and flour. Even if you don’t keep food out on the counter, your home could be at risk for an infestation if you have open food in your kitchen cabinets. Consider updating your storage with air-tight plastic containers. This will help reduce your risk of a pest infestation.

Clean up Obscure Areas
One of the most frustrating things about rodents and insects is that they hide in unobvious places, like behind your kitchen appliances. To help prevent any pest issues, take the time to regularly clean under and behind your refrigerator and stove. You may be surprised about the food particles that have accumulated in the darkest corners of your kitchen.

Check your Pets
Many pet owners end up with a pest infestation that’s actually caused by their cat or dog. Fleas love to hitch a ride on pets that spend time outside frequently. To prevent pest issues, it’s a good idea to use a flea and tick preventative on your animals and check their fur for insects each time they come inside.

Be Strategic about Landscaping
Do you have bushes, trees, and wood mulch along the foundation of your home? If the answer is yes, you could be at risk for a pest infestation. Insects and rodents are attracted to bushes and trees, and your landscaping could be inviting pests into your interior living space. To prevent a potential infestation, it’s a good idea to keep landscaping to a minimum along your home’s foundation.

There’s no denying that pests problems a pain. Whether you are managing an issue currently or simply want to prevent a potential problem in the future, taking some proactive steps can help you effectively protect your home from insects and rodents. Regularly inspect your home’s foundation for cracks, update your kitchen storage and clean up behind appliances, check your pets, and be strategic about your landscaping. These simple strategies can help keep your property safe from a future infestation.

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