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Cleaning Floors With Bissell Steam Mop

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This is one of the better choices for cleaning bare floors. Distinguished and well known Bissell has made another great cleaning product, along with Bissell Flip It and Bissell Pro Heat. Bissell Steam Mop will help you clean your floors in a matter of minutes and keep you entire house clean and safe without spending too much money.

One of the biggest advantages of this cleaner is that there are no chemicals involved in the entire cleaning process. You can clean safely, without any fumes and toxic, harsh chemical residues. Steam Mop enables you one step cleaning without the old mop and bucket hassle. Your kitchen floor will dry so fast, you will forget you even made the cleaning.

Bissell Steam Mop can be used on almost any surface, from linoleum and sealed hardwood floors to the ceramic, stone and marble surfaces. Microfiber pads help the mop to sustain even the hardest of surfaces. What’s best, you can wash the mop pads and use them again. Less waste and more money for you. That’s just another convenience of Bissell Steam Mop.


Using Bissell Steam Mop

There are couple of things to watch out for. To use Bissell Steam Mop, you need to fill it with water. For best cleaning performance, use distilled water. The mop itself has replaceable filter which will protect the heater and pump which may be found in your tap water. Of course, you can still use regular tap water, but if you want your Bissell Steam Mop to live longer and to clean better, then distilled water is your option.

After you sip the water in, you will attach the mop pad to the mop head by simply pulling a drawstring tab. Use power cord to plug in the unit and in about 3 to 5 minutes the mop will be ready to use. You will also need to release the steam from time to time, you have a finger trigger to help you with that.

steam cleaner

Pass the area slowly a couple of times, but you don’t need more then 10 seconds for steaming a certain spot. The less time you pass an area with your appliance, the faster it will be dry again.

When you’re done cleaning with your Bissell Steam Mop, simply unplug the power cord and wait for pad to cool a bit. Then remove the mop pad and wash it in your washing machine. Simple, huh?

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to use Steam Mop. Here are some of the accessories that will help you make your cleaning more easier and effective: Steam Mop Filter Kit, Replacement Mop Pads, Water Filter, Handle With Screw, Storage Hook, and Cap and Insert Assembly.