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Where Should You Use Soundproof Curtains?

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The curtains that one often sees at public places like auditoriums and theatres are soundproof. However, if you like to consider having similar curtains at home, you can have insulated curtains that solve the purpose equally well. These curtains also known as heavy duty curtains are very much like the lined curtain panel made using weighty and lined curtain fabric. Such curtains are hanged the same way as traditional curtains. These can just be suspended with help of simple hooks, loop fastening fabric or by using grommets.

The only feature that makes these curtains different from the rest is their weight and thus heaviness. These are made heavy by their quilted construction that enhances the thickness of panels by two to three inches. You may have quilting on both the sides, that is, on the front and backside of the fabric or just at its backside. Some curtains are designed to include a hem at the atom to increase its weight to prevent their movement because of breeze or other reasons.

Noise Reducing Curtains

Curtains for Soundproofing

The functioning of such curtains is to absorb or dampen sound rather than reflecting it back. These curtains are not as effective in absorbing sound as an arrangement comprising of soundproof walls and soundproof insulation, yet, these are quite helpful in dipping the noise and other such like disturbances that can be very distracting. You can use these curtains when you want to control resonance and sound. For instance, you could have these curtains on windows close to your study table for reducing noise that may be distracting you while studying.

Because of its quilted structure, such a curtain also helps maintaining the temperature of room by preventing sunlight from entering the room. That can surely be helpful in improving concentration of anybody using that room. Provision of such curtains in a room adds to the pleasure while watching a movie as distraction caused by superfluous noises is considerably reduced. You almost get the feel as if watching a movie in a theater where there is no distraction of any kind.

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Well there is none denying the fact that soundproof curtains are very expensive, compared to conventional curtains with linings, but these solve the purpose to a good extent. Moreover, these curtains can also be treated to retard fire, thus adding to their characteristic feature of blocking sound. The maintenance of such curtains is not difficult as these can be steam cleaned. It may be difficult to get these curtains at usual home furnishing stores or retail outlets but you could get these in varying designs and textures from one of the retailers of commercial furnishings.