Why Prefer a Custom Glass Shower Door?

Are you considering custom shower stalls for your bathroom? You have many options when looking for custom shower doors. You may find that you need to specially order shower doors because you can’t find the right shower door for your bathroom. Here are a few reasons why you may want a custom glass shower door over the ones you find in the market.

Unique Situation

In some cases, custom shower stalls are recommended over regular shower stalls because you have a unique situation. You may want something that you just can’t find in the regular market and you want your bathroom to have a unique design. In this case, you need a professional that can design a custom shower door for your bathroom and install the right shower stall for your needs. A professional can come in and have a look at your bathroom and then provide you with several options. Most contractors will have special order shower doors that they can get for you so you have something that meets your current needs.

Different Measurements

Your bathroom may have some unique measurements that a regular glass shower stall won’t conform to. You may need to have some custom glass cut to fit your area so that everything fits. A contractor can cut the glass to meet individual needs so you have something that looks attractive and fits in the space you have. The custom glass work in many cases can look at lot neater and professional, than a regular setup would.

More Options

When looking for custom shower doors that are frameless, you have a lot more options to draw upon. A contractor can come up with many different designs and styles for you to choose from so you can pick something that works for you. If you need a unique shape, the contractor can design it for you or send away for special order shower doors to meet your needs. You can have doors that have those unique shapes that you want to compliment the look and feel of your bathroom. For example, you can have frameless steam enclosures, neo-angle enclosures, right-angle encloses and many more options available to you when you have custom work done. You can also pick different glass options such as frosted, colored, or ones with a pattern that might not be available at your local store.

More Control Over Everything

When you go for a custom shower door, you have more control over the entire process. You can pick all the options you need and work with the professional to find something that is unique. You won’t be stressed out because you’ll have a lot more options to choose from and would find just the right shower door.


In many cases, you’ll find that custom shower stalls are going to be a better option when you remodel your bathroom. You can hire a professional to ensure that everything fit the right way and that you find just the right shower stall for your needs and within your budget.

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